Removing rules to live a disillusioned life.

“If you can’t solve a problem, it’s because you’re playing by the rules.”

~Paul Arden

Yes, you read the title right… how can a self-growth blogging site write a blog on breaking rules? Let’s talk about the evolution of human beings for some time. Sapiens as well known were hunters and gatherers at the time when civilizations were coming into existence. There were no formal rules at that time, it was only learning how to survive? We started from ground zero. That was a major concern at that time. Everything was raw and the world was crude and immature. As we advanced, different social institutions were established (religions, marriage, government, family, economy, education, health). The world started molding into a particular shape, a definite one.

Our thoughts evolved, our thinking process slowly started developing, the way we perceive this world changed. Revolutions happened, world wars took place, and gradually the course of the future was changed. Inventions were made to raise our comfort levels and with every pioneer and invention finally came to a rulebook and guidelines. That’s how rules came into reality. They were brought to reality by us as we developed ourselves at a tremendously fast pace and we needed something to keep the momentum organized.

No one has presented us with the concept of rules. We have developed them for ourselves. Rules have a very simple reason to exist. Read and understand this very carefully. Rules exist to separate the two realms of order and chaos. Rules to their root level, if we remove all the layered arcs from them have this one core function. They exist to maintain a balance between order and chaos.

That’s the basic principle of every rule however complex it may seem, its core function is the same as stated above. It should be mentioned here that I’m not talking about the laws and national duties. I’m talking about our day-to-day life rules, which affect us in a much thicker way than the generalized rules.

Rules while growing up.

It is almost hierarchical if we look at this from a household perspective. We have to follow the rules of the household we are born in, we have to practice all the customs and rituals as decided by our ancestors. Ever thought why? You don’t choose which rules to follow, the society that you grow in feeds them to you one at a time.

You’re automatically given tags, names, religion, castes, relatives, etc. Who makes these rules, ever wondered? Have you tried to question the rules you’re following, the way you’re living, and wondered what would happen if you violate them? We all know somewhere from the inside that these rules are hurting us and preventing us from living the lives we want. Still, we follow them. Why? Well, because humans are simple creatures and we don’t like violence and the dark side of the aftermath of violating a rule.

Rules are ingrained in us from our childhood, behave according to or else you’ll be viewed as a retard by society. All the time we are bombarded with different rules to maintain a neat structure of the world we live in.

These are harming us slowly and are stunting our growth.

The chaos

Chaos is the weaker side of the coin with two faces. Too many restrictions by these norms have made us weak and timid. We’re becoming mentally fragile. Why is that chaos is termed as something to look down upon, the bad side? Why don’t we embrace the chaos as we embrace the order?

I’m not saying that rules are not needed, then the world will become an irrational place to live in. I’m saying that too many rules are playing with our minds right now that are not needed and are only proving to be a clampdown for human beings. The chaos that is a consequence of breaking a specific rule is not always bad, it is necessary for us. As the realm of order is maintained we need chaos in an equal amount.

Chaos is what brings out the real you. After living in a structured system we as creatures with emotions and thinking ability need some chaos in our lives. There’s no way you’ll be able to live a disciplined life if you’re not familiar with living chaotically. The same decaying routines we follow every day help us in no way to bring out the energy enveloped in us. You need to find routes in your personal lives where you’ll be able to go on without any rules, norms, guidelines, principles, and instructions.

A lot of us try to put disciplines forcibly on ourselves thinking that they’ll help us level up. But, oftentimes they act inversely, those disciplines reverse our psychology and we start thinking of them as restrictions. E.g. We all have decided at some point in our lives to start waking up at 6:00 AM from the next day. But what we fail to understand is that waking up at 6:00 AM will only prove to be helpful if you are happy doing it. If you’re not happy and pleasured doing it, then slowly over time it’ll become a curse and bring misery to you. Waking up at 6:00 AM will become a mental strain to you and your degradation will start.

Don’t put unnecessary discipline on yourself and let there be chaos in your morning routine. It’s not mandatory to have a fixed morning routine or to wake up at 6:00 AM. Let there be a little sense of suspense in life. If you’re aware enough then you’ll observe that you can make a new personality for yourself if you can make sense out of chaos. A personality that you wish you possessed. Chaos can be brought into existence by leaving behind those redundant disciplines you’re trying to build for yourself.

We cannot live in a tightly structured society that eventually gives rise to unwanted chaos.

The way out

What we need to have instead is structured chaos, every day, every week, every month. We are all stuck within ourselves and we desperately try to find disasters and mayhem in our daily lives. Our urge for the disorder is indirectly our way out to freedom. Disoriented living is simple where you are forced to focus on only the thing that’s in front of you and as a result. You become utterly focused.

Now, I know this sounds all fictional and unrealistic. But what you can do in reality is start by purposely introducing chaos in your life, which means breaking rules purposely.

Gradually, it will lead to conflict. A world without conflict is a fantasy, while on the other hand prosperity and stability create boredom in us. But throwing yourself in chaos will free you, it will calm you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Don’t think that chaos is going downhill from where you are right now in your lives. But you can also come out as changed in nature for something better.


I know that what I’m saying is extremely unconventional and difficult to achieve. But, to empty those vigor and vibrancy reservoirs in the public, it’s necessary. In simple words, all I’m requesting you to do is don’t undermine chaos and stop all along the line of rules all the time in life. Following rules will eventually make you a stagnant and lifeless human. Analyze what chaos means to you cause it’s not the same for everyone. Start introducing structured chaos into your life. Learn to trust what your gut wants and do that.

Trust me you’ll feel much more fulfilled and untroubled than just by reading this. Tell me in the comments what do you think of chaos and rule-breaking.

Spreading motivational vibes 😉

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