Living life one day at a time.

What do I mean by “living life one day at a time”? Humans are getting complex and complex as we advance into the future. More numbers, frequencies, notions, theories, presumptions, postulations, and opinions take birth every day. Our needs have surged so much in past years that it’s making us handicapped and dependent on lifeless items to live life. We have started worrying about the future, knowing that worrying isn’t gonna change anything.

People are grinding their life off to secure their future, hoping that they’ll get to live the life they wish to someday. Working jobs they hate so that they’ll be free one day and live the life they want. People have become obsessed with the future and making it as resourceful and effortless as possible. But very few understand there’s no point trying to safe side their future.

Future is inevitable, we all know that. If you’re determined to stabilize your future you need to understand that your “future” is a random concept. Start evaluating your future right now, you’ll observe that there will be variations of variations. If you know how to play chess or at least know the background frame of the game. Then you’ll know that you can’t predict your opponent’s move. There are thousands of moves your opponent has at his hand. The same is the case with the future, there’s no concrete proof that doing certain activities right now will make your future secure. Therefore, the philosophy of “living life one day at a time” is what an individual can follow to ease up the constraints of life and focus on one day at a time.

There are many reasons to follow this philosophy of “living life one day at a time.” Let’s look at some of them in this piece.

Faith and the future are interrelated.

Yes, everyone has problems they will have to face someday. If you’ve not done your homework you’re bound to get punished the next day in school. In life, we are getting face to face with obstacles every moment. Every moment we’re making choices to face those troubles.

Oftentimes we worry today about the problems we have to face tomorrow. The deadlines to be met, the reports to be mailed, the assignments to be done for the college. We fear today about what will happen the next day when that very moment will arrive. Those troubles are your faith, accept that you have them the next day, and move on. There’s no need to burst your brain thinking of those in the present because if those are inevitable, you’ll not even find solutions. You’ll run all over the place mentally and exhaust yourself.

“Living life one day at a time” will not only help you concentrate on your present moment but give your mind a little space to breathe. If you’re constantly thinking about the near future then you’ll not be able to do anything useful in the present. Focusing on the task at hand is very difficult, trust me, I know, it’s the worst thing to do when you know that your troubles aren’t going anywhere. But, this technique will save you from that anxiety you’re containing within yourself and you in the long term.

You can’t connect the lines from your past to your future, you can’t use the tactics you used in the past to lessen your future troubles. You can’t pre-decide your future, you don’t know, the thing you were stressed about all this time might not even turn out to be that bad the next day. We fear the thought of facing our troubles because of our premature assumptions of the trouble. We overthink and make different scenarios in our mind and in no time a little problem becomes something of a boulder in our imagination.

Nobody can teach you to focus on now, there’s no special methodology involved in this. It’s a sort of mind game you have to play with yourself, it’ll not be easy at the start but over time you’ll get better. Your mind will run into the future and go with the flow of your present-day

The limited-time you possess.

The next reason to follow the “living life one day at a time” is that you don’t know how many days you have. You are assuming that you have a future, you have a future because that’s your belief. You don’t have a plausible reason but you believe that you have a future. Nobody has a well-grounded and credible argument about the existence of their future but we are under the impression that it exists.

Think this way, what if you die tonight and there is no trouble for you to face tomorrow. Any moment, any breath can be your last one but you worry about what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Isn’t that a bit silly, if you think? The problems you were worried about all along will be rendered lifeless if you die tonight. Time as always doesn’t stop for anyone, cliché, I know.

It’s also important to know that while we look at the future, we also have to take into consideration the past. Similarly, as we worry about the future some people are living in their past. I don’t mean literally of course but absorb the spirit of it. People, as we know, are stuck in the past, they have aged physically only but their mind is stuck in bygones. You must have observed this, some people often complain about what happened to them in the past. It’s sort of like a mental cage that you have built for yourselves.

We all know that the past cannot be changed unless you have a time machine. But still, even after knowing this, you complain about your past. However hurtful your past might be, however painful it would have been, it’s gone. It’s not reversible, letting go of it is the most difficult task but to free yourself from that mental cage you’ll have to let go. Your last jiffy can hit you anytime, like literally the next moment after you’ve read this. You don’t wanna live with the burden of your forgotten one. Past is of no relevance to your future. Lessons and stories that are all the past are.

The three timelines.

The equation between your past, present, and future is really simple. We’ve made it complex due to the lack of grasping level of people. If you understand this equation, answers are inevitable to any situation. So the equation goes like this…

“You have to be satisfied with your present while simultaneously learning from your past so that you can continue your journey in the future.”

In simple words, what you have now is satisfactory, while constantly learning lessons from your past so that you can focus on your future. When you fall into this trap of overthinking about the future or past ask yourself these questions.

Am I satisfied with what I have right now, if not then why not and how can I be?

Am I learning from my past? If not then why not and how can I learn?

Am I moving in the direction of the future if not then why? How can I move along in the future?

These questions of past, present, and future are very important if you wanna follow “living life one day at a time.” Your satisfaction with the present is very significant because if you’re not satisfied with your present, you’ll not be able to focus on your future and you’ll remain troubled with the past.

“Living life one day at a time” is not as easy as you think it is. It’s the hardest thing to do. You’ll have to break the solid chains of the past and be prepared for the future all the time. Your past and future are an integral and key part of understanding the philosophy of “living life one day at a time.” Once you learn to maintain an equilibrium between these timeless concepts you’ll understand why targeting one day at a time is easy.

Have approbation towards your past. As you’ll not be able to grasp those valuable lessons you learned unless you respect your past. Future is what you’re experiencing every second so stop worrying about it as you don’t know how much future you have. Be appeased with your present moment. It’ll certainly help you in ”Living life one day at a time.”

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Illustration Credits: Prithvi Sawant

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