The practical life lessons “Dil Chahta Hai” taught us

Dil Chahta Hai which is one of the trend setting movies which was released in the early 2000s. It is a tale of 3 friends which teaches us a lot of life. Played by Amir Khan(as Akash Malhotra), Saif Ali Khan(as Sameer) and Akshay Khanna(as Siddharth Sinha). We can say it is a tale of friendship with a twist of love. The movie has many messages for the viewers but they are of course subjective. Read this piece to know what lessons does the movie offer.

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Life Situations:

We try to achieve our ambitions and our goals. But, it is unnecessary that we would end on the expected side each time. In the movie there are multiple scenes of heart break or we can say love failure.

Whenever we try to run behind a particular dream to bring it to reality, there is just one result. That can be victory or failure. There is no middle ground. But that is what life is all about. There is only one thing that we could definitely do and that is we could try.

The result will not be necessary in our favour. But it is a part of life. You try to fulfil your dreams. Some come to reality and some don’t. But all you could do is try to make them true. And remember this is what we call life.

You can’t stop to live your life because of some heartbreak or a setback or an obstacle that came in your journey.

There is much more to life than all of this. You always have to remind yourself that everything can’t go according to your plan.

All you can after any unsuccessful or successful event of your life is sit down, breathe, reflect, learn and carry on to do your stuff.

Watch Your words:

The bond between the characters of the movie is great. But things change between those friends when one of them makes fun of the other using inappropriate words. This leads to an intense fight between them and they are torn apart.

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Words can have many purposes. “Read more about words“. You can use them to express your feelings, love, emotions, etc. They can also comfort a person. But not always we have the right choice of words. Sometimes they can be pretty harmful. They could act like a sword and cut deep through someone’s heart. They can make a relationship or can destroy it in seconds.

It is just a matter of seconds when your emotions take the better of you and you regret using some words all your life. It is very necessary to know what you are thinking and what you are speaking.

Sometimes we get furious and say whatever that comes to our mind. Once the moment has passed, after the chemicals settle, we realise that our words, our tone, were inappropriate. But, sometimes what is done can’t be undone. 

Being incorrect is okay:

We see that the character of Akash is self-obsessed. One who thinks he is always right and always in denial about certain things. But as the movie progresses he learns that he was wrong about many things that he presumed.

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Discussions or healthy debates are great for learning new things. Having an open mind just to absorb the opinion presented by the person involved in the conversation can help you increase your knowledge.

Keeping an open mind and reconsidering your opinion about a certain situation will always help you become a good person.

The fact that all of us make mistakes makes us human. Making mistakes is a part of every individual’s life. But few have the sense, responsibility, and courage to accept those mistakes. Accepting mistakes doesn’t make you inferior. But, accepting them will definitely help you learn something new.

Sit back and have a conversation with yourself. Think and tell yourself that there is no need to be correct always. This will for sure help you release the pressure whenever you are doing/ performing something. It will in fact improve your performance and also release the unnecessary pressure to be correct.

Clearing your brain for an easy life:

After the fight between Akash and Sid, they part ways and Akash flies to Australia for business purposes. While he is leaving for Australia he expresses some hard and unsaid feelings to Sameer.

Expressing yourselves or sharing problems is not considered cool from ages. Sometimes the person in a lot of trouble also avoids telling his close ones what he/she is going through.

Speaking your heart out in front of the people you love has many advantages.

Keeping your brain empty by talking out what you think can help you get clarity and boost your productivity. This is also a way to keep yourself happy.

 A great example of this behavior can be seen in kids. Most of the time you can see them laughing, talking and also crying, that is they are always expressing themselves. But when they are done doing this, they are always eager to try something new and give full effort.

Try expressing yourselves or whatever you think. But be careful that your words aren’t mean.

Friendship (Necessity in life?)

We come across many people in our life. We develop a great bond with some. Some of them are not our family members, still they stick with us for a lifetime. They witness not only the difficult, joyful, unbelievable moments with us, but they are also a contributor to them. 

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Friends play a very important role in our lives. They can shape us as a human being. The type of friends we hang out with decides our future and also our present.

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