3 Crucial life lessons from “Rock On”


Released in 2008 Rock On revolves around 4 guys who team to create rock music. In a hope of succeeding the band starts their journey only to break up due to an internal conflict. 10 years later the band members Aditya, Kedar, Joseph, and Rob decide to forget the internal issues and reunite to take another shot at fulfilling their dreams. After performing for the last time in front of a live audience, Rob dies due to an increased brain tumor. In the end, they decide to nurture young talent and open a music label.

Teamwork will take you ahead.

In Rock On we can see the bond between the band members is unbreakable. Their love for music is what keeps them together. Rock On perfectly showcases how teamwork is more impactful and strengthening for you than working alone. If your partners are passionate and dedicated to bringing the team’s vision into reality. Surely, your chances of excelling at your work will be abundant.

Rock On

Teamwork is more of a solid foundation for your projects than working alone, know this. Don’t choose faultfinders and doubters to be your team members. Moving ahead can only be done with wildly optimistic and determined people. Choose the type of people with whom you vibe, your tuning matches. When with friends, we don’t understand how a large amount of time passed so quickly, we get that illusion. Choose your partners with whom you adapt the same as your friends.

Appreciation and specialists are cardinal for the smooth functioning of a particular team. Rock On successfully manages to depict these in their band assignments. Whenever a band member comes up with a piece of music he is appreciated greatly by his other band members. That’s what motivates us, right? Appreciation from our loved ones. Rock On also beautifully exhibits the efficiency and specialization of its band members. Joe’s an expert in guitars, Kedar is the killer drummer and Adi sings immaculately.

Specialists are essential to a squad. If everyone in the alliance knows how to do their job, naturally the performance of the whole team will be uplifted.

Differences lead to dead ends.

For the next 10 years, the band members are in no contact with each other, the band comes to a complete dead end. Every team needs to overcome these conflicts. It shows the character and devotion of the team towards their goal. Differences are the weeds of life. They are unnecessary but they are there, without them the existing bonds won’t grow strong and sturdy.

Rock On

Conflicts are a part of everyone’s lives, there’s no doubt about that. It’s not how intense or how small the conflict, every individual faces them in their personal life. Rock On has portrayed this conflict in a very realistic way. Joe and Aditya get involved in a quarrel and experience friction in their relationship. This fight immediately results in the breaking up of the band.

A no-conflict condition is never going to take place. But conflicts, fights, quarrels, disputes can always be overcome, discuss, work out compromises. But never let differences of opinions be the reason for your team to struggle or even break. It takes years to build but seconds to break, even a single misunderstanding can do that.

Alas, a great sequence of the film (Rock On) shows Joe and Aditya forget their differences and reunite to make music. They reflect upon their past and sort out the matters.

The will to continue to Rock On

Maintaining a team is difficult. After the breakup of band members, every member departs to find his way to live life. Everyone gets busy with their lives and years go by without any approach from anyone. Rock On has presented this situation in a very relatable way.

Rock On

After 10 long years when the band meets, they still have the will to continue. They still have the same enthusiasm, same love for the rock music they had ten years ago. This will to continue lacks in many of us. After the rough patch in people’s lives, very few have the will to continue.

Why does our will to continue end after a certain point ever wondered? (Answer in comments).

Will cannot be developed, it’s ingrained in the person. That’s why people say “do what you love.” There’s a reason behind this, it’s because even if you experience a setback in your field of work, your will to continue will not fade out. As you’re doing what you love. If you’re working in a field that’s not as per your liking, your will to continue would slowly perish.

Go deep within yourself and analyze where your will to continue lies. It’s in every one of us but the problem is that very few find it. So just research and explore more about yourself to know your will. Rock On has some of the most important life lessons for people. We tried to present them in front of you for your benefit.

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