Using the Whiplash way to achieve your ambitious goals.

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“Were you rushing or were you dragging?” 

Released in 2014, Whiplash revolves around a young drummer named Andrew Neiman and his mentor Terence Fletcher. Fletcher is known for his harsh and ruthless teaching methods. Nothing stops him from bringing the beyond expected from a student. On the other hand, Neiman is hungry to prove himself and earn his spot as the core of the band. Both of them are crazy for Jazz. Now, only time will tell if Neiman can earn the spot of core drummer in the band. 

  • You’ll be able to understand the piece coherently if you have watched the film before.
  • Still, those who haven’t seen the film will be able to grasp most of points.
  • All the quotes used in the piece are by Terence Fletcher in the movie.

Power of Whiplash emotions.

In the film, extreme emotions are depicted from both Fletcher and Neiman. Fletcher is adamant about bringing more than what’s expected of a student. Therefore, rage is his core emotion. While Neiman’s fundamental emotion is also anger but his anger acts as a lever to his determination.

During a scene in the film, Fletcher humiliates Neiman by hurling a chair at him and slapping him multiple times. This incident fills Neiman with a whiplash of emotions which are so intense that he practices until his hands bleed. This is one of the impactful scenes of the movie. Understand here the power of your emotions.

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Your emotions can behave like an anchor in your journey to achieve your goals. The humiliation by Fletcher is the trigger point of Neiman. That’s what ignited the fire within him. All of us have those kinds of trigger points. Find those trigger points within yourself which charge you up. Which makes you restless until you have accomplished your job.

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Your emotions can be your strongest weapon if you direct them in the right direction. When your emotions are at their highest intensity, observe that you are fired up and finish off even the hardest of the tasks. Yes, of course, you can’t always remain that severe all the time. But all I’m trying to say is that whenever you feel like ceding. Focus on that particular trigger point and it’ll dynamize you. 

Rigorous teaching methods.

“I was there to push people beyond what’s expected of them. I believe that’s an absolute necessity.”

Fletcher has very unsympathetic and draconian ways of teaching his students. He beats them, throws stuff at them, cusses them at the highest level, and even makes personal comments on student’s lives. But each student of his plays quintessentially. (The Whiplash technique). All of his students are pundits on their respective musical instruments. 

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In today’s age, the chances of Fletcher’s teaching methods working are very less. Current nobility won’t accept these types of upskilling approaches. But, if you see it’s not the harshness in Fletcher’s tutoring methods that bothers us. It’s the way he brings them into effect, shouting, swearing, beating, etc. We can use this as an apparatus in your growth journey.

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How can we implement those techniques in our daily life?

First, understand that you can be good at something if you are hard on yourself and your practice. Even if it is something you dislike. That’s what Fletcher’s techniques are about. People don’t even practice what they love to do. A range of reasons is submitted by people for not doing the thing they love. Now, be it procrastination, laziness, time management, or even tiresomeness of the activity. 

Now, modify Fletcher’s methods according to your need. Be hard on yourself for the thing you love to do. In the film, Neiman is madly in love with drumming. Still, Fletcher is so strict with him that Neiman has no option but to enhance his drumming skills. Apply the same system but mold it to your needs. Don’t ask somebody to be hard on you. Instead, be that uncompromising yourself. Restrict yourself from having lunch if you have not accomplished what you aimed for till noon

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Guys, you get what I’m saying? Don’t have a Fletcher in your life. Instead, be an amalgamation of Fletcher and Neiman. Have that Whiplash unyielding mindset and that Whiplash mad practitioner within yourself, if you wanna get closer to perfection. How to do that is for you guys to figure out. 

Underappreciating for Whiplash like flawlessness.

“There are no two words in the English language more harmful than “good job”.

Who doesn’t like to be appreciated, we all do, right? Appreciation boosts our confidence and makes us feel good about ourselves. Think about it and tell me in the comments, how do you feel when someone appreciates your work. Appreciation can also often lead to the wrong path if done improperly. It can make a person fall into the illusion of the caliber of his work. 

Whiplash, shows how underappreciation or not appreciating can gradually lead to the polishing of the skill to the maximum level. Fletcher never appreciates Neiman’s drumming, not even a teensy bit. Contradictory, he is always insulting Neiman and his drumming skills. Later, in the film, Fletcher quotes the above line. His philosophy is that appreciating can often lead to stagnancy and the development of a cocksure outlook of one. Appreciating can often stop one from growing his skills.

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This is one of the key takeaways from the film. Never ask for appreciation from anyone, don’t even expect it from anyone, not even your closed one. Once people start appreciating, that phantasm starts taking us over. Instead, ask people to analyze your work and tell what are the scopes for improvement there. You’ll observe that your work will evolve and flourish over time.

Understand that appreciation is overrated.

“No, man, no. Because the next Charlie Parker would never be discouraged.”

Don’t get demotivated or discouraged if people didn’t appreciate your work as you expected. That’ll surely play with your mind and self-doubt will start taking you over. If you want to grow at an exponential rate and become an exception forget appreciation and just concentrate on consistency.

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Whiplash practice.

he practice is a universal thing, right? We all share this in common, practicing. Now, I know this sounds cliché and you heard it a thousand times before that “Practice makes the master”. But the problem here is that a lot of people only know this for the sake of knowing. People seldomly implement this in their daily personal lives. This quote just remains a quote for us until we do it.

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In the film, we can see Neiman practicing like a deranged person, yeah. Why? Write your answers in the comments.

Well, because Neiman has a smoldering drive to become the next Buddy Rich or Charlie Parker. Neiman appears deranged to us because his whiplash drive is visible to us. It’s visible from his face, from his actions, from his behavior, from his routine, from each thing he does. We think Neiman is stretching himself too much but the truth is we are looking at it wrongly. 

Neiman is fine, the problem lies in us. We all have a smoldering drive like Neiman but it’s hidden in a secret part of us. We are not working on it the way we should. Instead of working on our drive, we are thinking way too much about other unimportant things. 

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The day you start operating on your drive you’ll understand Neiman’s position. Neiman will start appearing normal to you. Stop caring about the things which are outside of your control and just do.

How to do that?
  • Make practicing your habit. Do it every day so that one day it becomes involuntary. Your body just does it unknowingly. 
  • Find that drive, that stimulation within yourself first. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to perform in the long term. 
  • Don’t expect immediate exemplary results. Those will play with your mindset.
  • Be persistent and set short-term goals. Then you’ll be able to gradually attend to your long-term goal.
  • Your inspirations are perishable. Your idols are perishable. Your mental heroes are perishable. Act on them instantaneously. 
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  • Your whiplash emotions and their intensity are your strongest weapon you possess.
  • Your emotions if used rightly can act as an anchor to you in achieving your goals.
  • Be rigorous and uncompromising with yourself regarding the thing you love to do.
  • Don’t search for Fletcher. Instead, be an amalgamation of Fletcher and Neiman.
  • Don’t ask and expect appreciation from people. 
  • Practicing is the key to master different solos of life. Practice harder and stronger every day.

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