Using commitments for a better life.

What are commitments?


“Commitment is the experience of being psychologically attached to something and intending to continue.”

~Social Psychology

Well, in simple words commitments mean the intense promises, words of honor that you vouch to yourself. People make commitments in all areas of their lives. We need to commit to various domains in life to succeed. They may be small or huge commitments but they are there. If you want to progress and flourish in anything you need to have a sense of commitment.

Commitments shape our lives.


Now, are commitments really necessary to advance in our day-to-day lives? The answer to this question is individualistic, it’s dependent on the individual. Some people’s lives evolve and boom even when they don’t have a sense of commitment. While others have to commit severely to their goal and work hard towards it to get to their goal. 

The type of commitments we choose to make shape our lives. We make commitments every day all the time, either consciously or subconsciously. It’s our commitment to getting up from bed in the morning, it’s our commitment to go to work every day. They direct our lives in a certain way. 

The commitments that we make consciously are difficult. We have to mentally be strong and determined first if we want to commit to something. It may be anything, even something as simple as starting a new habit. Whenever you think of committing to something, first think about its pros and cons in the long term. Will this commitment be useful five-ten years from now? Will it be able to provide me value after this long? 

Short-term commitments can also have a lasting impact on us. So think carefully about what you are committing to, “will my commitment be invalid or will it still serve in coming years?” People commit blindly without much planning and intention and that later becomes a curse for them. Even the smallest of the commitment can bring a huge change in our lives and vice versa. Don’t commit to something by getting influenced by someone. 

The commitments which work for others might not work for you. So don’t commit by seeing the results of others. You might not get the same results. 

Commitment isn’t just a word, it’s a process.


Many of us don’t understand this concept. You can’t commit to reality overnight, or even in a day. It’s a slow and unrushed process. Commitments are a slow-moving process. Whenever an individual decides to commit quickly, or instantaneously. Understand that it’s not a commitment, it’s just a rush of adrenaline you are experiencing. It’s temporary and perishable. 

You can fully commit to yourself when you have experienced the thing you wanna get better at many times. It’s constantly running up and down your mind, you know you can master this, you know this will prove to be a boon in the future. 

Avoid being adventurous and hasty with your commitments. Those will not keep you determined for a long time. If you want a ferocious determination to commit to something. First understand what you are committing to, analyze why you want to commit to this thing. When you’ll ask certain questions to yourself, the factors required to commit to something inadvertently will be developed in you. 

Letting go of the commitments that are bad for you.

Commitments and habits are almost equivalent. Both are nurtured over time, but that’s only if you are persistent and governed enough to stick around for a while. Habits and commitments both can be harmful if followed in the wrong way. A harmful habit is burdensome and grueling to leave. It’s an activity you did every day for a long time, it’ll be fatiguing to leave it. 

The same is the case with commitments. It can also happen that you commit to do some positive changes in your lifestyle. But as your lifestyle progressed over the days, the commitment became too toxic to follow. Keep in mind that every commitment has an end. However difficult or easy it is, every commitment has to end at some point. 


Commitments can change their nature. They can become toxic or even become fruitful as you stick to them. While committing keep in mind that at some point this is going to end. Don’t get too attached and sentimental to your commitment. Think of it as a materialistic thing. You don’t get attached to your toothbrush, right?

Alas, the most paramount quotient you need to ingrain in your mind is that it’s necessary to abolish a commitment at the right time. You’ll know when this time comes, you’ll feel it in your brain. Just know, that committing to something doesn’t mean you’ll have to keep fulfilling the commitment till the point you die. It’s okay to leave them, as time passes your priorities will change, your habits will change. Commitments can become imperative. 

Get committed to a higher purpose to achieve more.

Living beings always need some sort of mind scratching. There’s no end to our thinking capacity. Even when people get old, they always need something to invest time in. One thing we all can do is to get committed to a higher purpose. This purpose should be something not for your benefit but something that provides service and desirability to society. 

Deliberately keep this purpose of yours unachievable. So you know, you’ll have something or someone to chase for life. You know you’re not gonna achieve that purpose. But while achieving that purpose you’ll do so much good, you’ll achieve so much. That you’ll feel the pursuit was worth it. 

Making commitments to a higher purpose will also help you indirectly in achieving your short-term commitments. In the conquest of achieving that higher purpose, you’ll end up doing a lot more than your capacity.


  • Commitments shape our lives. Plan, think, analyze before you commit yourself to a particular thing. 
  • Commitment is a gradual process, don’t rush it. Let it take its time. 
  • Avoid making instant commitments, they are perishable and temporary.
  • Every commitment has to end. 
  • Commitments can change their nature.
  • Know the right time to abolish a commitment.
  • Make commitments to a higher purpose. You’ll keep on chasing what’s unachievable and achieve a lot more than your capacity.

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