Why self doubt leads to failure in life and how to overcome it?

We often start learning new things and we start getting good at them. Suddenly we think can “I do this better or am I doing this right?” This isn’t the right way. “Will I be good at this?” Suddenly we doubt ourselves. Start doubting our capabilities.

Has this happened with you? You are in a good situation (psychologically) and suddenly you develop negative thoughts, unnecessarily. You think about all that can go wrong and think yourself out of that situation. This is what we can call self-doubt in practical terms.

Thinking yourselves out: (We think a lot and get out of the process)

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

They say our thoughts have great power. The blueprint of your success or failure is first generated in your brain, and then it comes to reality. The things we think about all the time be it negative or positive come to reality. 

Whenever we start something new, we are really excited to do that thing. We put all our efforts to complete our job. The excitement to do new things is unexplainable for us. But as time passes, self doubt enters our mind.

The attitude and mind is where it all starts.

-John Smith

Once self doubt enters, it is upto us how to handle the after process. The problem is not the negative thought which enters. It really is that we keep on thinking about it. The reason we fail at things is not because we aren’t capable of doing those things. But we talk ourselves towards the road of failure. We just think, think and think and get lost in ending our journey before we reach the right destination.

What worries you masters you.

Often this happens with us when a negative thought (regarding self doubt) is generated we get entangled with that thought.If you don’t get it out of your system and triumph over that thought, it affects us for a longer period of time. Not necessarily if we quit that particular thing because of our self doubt, the process of self doubt will end. In the long term it can always affect the way we think and act. So it is definitely necessary to overcome this fear of I can’t do it. Once we fall for the trap of self doubt, it is like a never ending process.

Nowadays there is a lot of chatter about thinking, reading and helping yourselves with positive thoughts everyday. I used to get pissed about this positive thinking kind of thing. But as time passed I started reading books, started listening to audios about the power of thought and such motivational things. As I kept thinking about it, I realized it is really very important to talk positive to yourself everyday. It helps you to keep unnecessary thoughts out of your brain and even if one enters you are able to tackle it easily. As you are always thinking about the good things you can do (let us say positive aspects of your life). Keeping yourselves positive helps you improve your performance in each and every field of your life.

Only you can push yourselves out: (NOBODY but only you have the power to strive or quit.) 

Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you are worth the trip.

-Glenn Beck

It all starts with a single thought in your brain. Nobody is a better judge of your capabilities than you yourselves.

We always can’t be in a positive mindset. Some negative thoughts will definitely cross our mind. But the important part is can we lift ourselves up in the toughest of times without anybody’s help? In the end what really matters is our decision to continue to strive to achieve what we aimed for or end our journey in the middle. 

Try this doing for a couple of weeks:

Whenever a negative thought enters your mind/ Whenever you start doubting yourselves.

Just try to remind yourselves that the brain is just playing games with you.

Nothing is impossible: (You can achieve what you want.)

Fear and self doubt have always been the greatest enemies of human potential.

-Brian Tracy.

As we grow up, it is not maturity that helps us to calculate things, but it is our negative thought process that pulls us down from our full potential. Self doubt kills our potential to do things. We cannot complete more than half our tasks because of our negative attitude.

As kids, we never worry about failing at anything. We never think about getting necessary results. Our thought process as kids is clear “If I keep trying and trying I will definitely reach my target.”

Just observe small children around you. Observe how they perform their tasks, how they have the attitude of a champion even while doing things they are performing for the very first time. Try to adapt this childish attitude of performing tasks with little thought. It will definitely help you achieve more things and help you understand your potential.

Is self-doubt good or bad:

Try to imagine this, you are travelling to some place with your own vehicle. There is no one with you for company. You know your destination and the route that can take you there. The only question for you is do you want to go there or not. 

This example is like the situations that we trap ourselves into. We unnecessarily start doubting our ability to do something. All this time you were confident about accomplishing the target and suddenly you think you can’t do it.

  • Self assessment and self-doubt are the complete opposites of each other, self assessment is definitely necessary. But self doubt is just unnecessary.
  • Self doubt drags you down from your high while self assessment helps you to check if you are performing at your highest potential or not.
  • Self doubt is to question your ability but self assessment is to confirm whether you are on the right track or do you need to change it to reach your goal.

The things about self-doubt (Summary)

  • Our brain generates a lot of thoughts during the day. That is what is meant for. It is completely our responsibility to decide which thought we want to encourage.
  • Our first starts in our brain. We think about our failure and then work our way towards it. 
  • Often this happens with us when a negative thought(regarding self doubt) is generated we get entangled with that thought.
  •  In the end what really matters is our decision to continue to strive.
  • Try to develop a childish attitude of “I will never fail, just learn.”
  • Self doubt and self assessment are two complete opposite things. For the correct direction and progressive results ‘self assessment’ is the key.

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