How to use words to your advantage?

“Raise your words, not your voice. It’s the rain that grows flowers, not thunder”



Origin of words.

Let’s start with, what are words? Have you ever given this a thought, what are words? Words are sounds. They are sounds invented by sapiens to communicate their feelings and emotions with each other. Words are just sounds, that’s it. There’s nothing more to it. Eventually, more and more words came into existence and each one of them acquired some definition and meaning. Languages came in actuality and gradually we started using them daily to converse and transmit. 

Words form the basis of our existence. When we arrive in this world, we start by uttering the first word. Slowly we develop a sense of language. After a certain amount of time, we can fully mag. Words are the foundational bricks of our life. Using them in the right way is incredibly important. They can have a colossal impact on you and those around you. If used situationally words can make you a gentleman or a lout. Let’s discuss a little bit in detail about words… shall we?

Words can uplift or destroy an individual.


Words have vibrations, right? Vibrations stimulate your brain. Your brain registers what vocables you use every day and acts according to that. Words which you use frequently will be visible in your daily behavior and will steadily become your reality. It’s a simple thing right guys, the words which you choose to repeat often in due course will find their way to reality. If you have a poor mouth, you’re going to have a poor life. 

If you speak doubtful or ill of yourself. Certainly, a series of circumstances will arise which will make you’re future wobbly and insecure. You speak assuredly and cheerful of yourself and your future will prosper and lead to betterment. It’s not that words will decide your future. But, you can say that your actions are based upon the type of phrases you use. The more affirmative you speak, the more your actions will be affirmative and sound. 

Beneficially using words is an art not many can master. Words can be used to manipulate, discourage, motivate, calm, inspire, etc. Mastering this art will certainly unlock many barriers you’ll face in the future.

How to use words cautiously?

  • Speak less till you learn to speak which elevates people. 
  • Learn to observe and get used to being silent.
  • A negative thought will always pop in your head as long as you are alive. Practice sidelining that negative thought and focusing on growth and joy. 
  • When talking to yourself, use more uplifting commands. Make it a habit of using hoisting, energetic and edifying words. You’ll observe growth within yourself as well as others.
  • When you’ll use constructive terms customarily, your actions will involuntarily convey progress. What you think, your brain will unhand that thought through your actions. Make sure you think pragmatically. 

Utilizing words for others.


A lot of people are very careless about their language. They don’t understand its significance and its reverberations. Your language should have clarity. You should be able to communicate your message in a straightforward and precise way. People nowadays talk too much and say too little. You don’t want to be the person who just talks excessively, failing to convey the raw emotion. 

Words when said and articulated in the right way, can change someone’s mind. Alter someone’s belief system. When in the company of others, always use reassuring, bright, and confident words. Your words can cheer up a downhearted and dejected person. They can prove to be therapeutic to miserable people. Voluntarily choose to use dynamic expressions. Use your speaking skills to other’s advantage. 

“Your mouth can spit venom or it can mend a broken soul”

Avoid using harsh language and that is detrimental to others, which sting others. Nobody wants to be around a sod, who is constantly causing discomfort to others with his words.

How to use your words in other’s interests?

  • Increase your vocabulary. If you repeat yourself again and again you’ll look like an inarticulated and tongue-tied fellow. 
  • Use your words depending on the people you hang out with. 
  • Steer clear from using pessimistic and fatalistic words. Yes, they too are a reality but making use of spirited language is more preferable 
  • Find solutions, refrain yourself from negating the circumstance. 
  • The type of words you deploy gives your vibe. Not just in your case, you can also feel the vibes of people based on vocabulary they use. Set forth lively and zestful vibes.

The Abracadabra philosophy.

You must have heard magicians say this word, “Abracadabra”. Abracadabra came from the ancient Aramaic language. It is believed that Jesus used to converse in the Aramaic language. 

Abracadabra means “What I speak is what I create”. So now you get why magicians use this word. They create what they say. Think of your language as seeds that you are planting and at some point in the future you’re going to eat the fruit. Words are one of the powerful sources of creative power. 

In the world of magic, a magician’s script is called a “pattern”. These are carefully designed words that influence what you see and what you believe. If you have seen a magic show, you’ll notice that the magician builds up the magic show slowly. He gains momentum with each of his tricks. We are hooked to our seats during a magic show, we’re filled with excitement about what’s going to happen next. It’s his “pattern”, those carefully composed words which influence and play with our minds. 


Try using abracadabra philosophy in real life. Restrict yourself from speaking invalidating terms. Proverb 6:2 says that you are snared by the words of your mouth. “Snared” in this context means trapped. If you think nobody’s gonna read what I write it’ll happen. If you think I’m bad at academics, you become bad at academics. Don’t get trapped in your own idioms. In the future, when you’ll feel a little dispirited and start going all haywire just remind yourself, I create what I speak. 

You’ll willingly speak good about your future.

How to implement abracadabra philosophy in real life?

  • Start by rewiring this statement in your brain that “What I speak is what I create”.
  • Repeat it habitually. Constantly, keep it in front of your eyes.
  • Monitor your internal as well as your external language. 
  • Journalize your progress/regress every day.
  • If you still don’t get the expected results, don’t get upset. Take some time and reflect on minute details that went wrong or had a scope of improvement. 

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