4 traits of Harry Potter you need in daily life.

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“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.” 


The story of Harry Potter is known to many but still, let’s have a recap for those who don’t know. Harry Potter is a novel series written by J.K Rowling and also a successful film franchise. The novel falls into the science fiction and thriller genre.

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So, Harry Potter is all about magic and the magical world. Harry is the son of James and Lily Potter. A popular kid in the magical world because Harry’s parents fought against Voldemort the villain of the novels. Not just because they fought against him but because they dared to when nobody else did.

Harry’s parents sacrificed their lives to save Harry. The sacrifice of Lily created a strong force around the infant Harry and protected him from Voldemort. Which gives him a scar on his forehead as a mark. After growing up and getting aware of all these things Harry decided to seek vengeance against Voldemort.

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Harry ultimately kills Voldemort with the help of his friends Ron and Hermione and his professor Dumbledore.

Harry’s journey from being an orphaned infant to being the greatest sorcerer of all time is worth your time. Today we are gonna go on a few qualities Harry possesses that you should be equipped with within your daily life. Why? Mmm… to become the greatest just like Harry.

Being courageous like Harry.

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Harry is a courageous dude. He fears nothing, like absolutely nothing. The fire in him to seek vengeance against Voldemort has made him face all sorts of things. (Dementors, Goblet of Fire, Voldemort himself in some other forms). These obstacles have made him fearless in a way. He is ready to go to any heights to avenge his parent’s death.

Now, why is Harry fearless? The answer is because Harry has a purpose, a reason not to fear anything. He is so keen on taking revenge that he has imbibed courage in his mindset. Courage is the dominant part of his personality.

Harry Potter
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We all have a reason to be fearless. It’s always their right in front of us. The reality is, we choose to ignore it. Some people think that they got reasons and those are stopping them from winning over their phobias. But the truth is there are no excuses, no reasons. We simply ignore it. It’s human nature to do so.

Those who don’t ignore it and instead work on their fears. Are making it big in their respective fields or gonna make it big.

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How to practice courage?
  • Get rid of the mentality that “What will society say?”
  • People gossip and they will keep gossiping. Just do your thing with full concentration.
  • Keeping the extreme in mind will reduce your fear. Choose one of the things that you fear and do it.
  • Think about the after-effects, intense consequences. You’re not gonna die, right? You’re still gonna lead a life. 
  • People are gonna make fun of you, let them. Laugh at yourself until you overcome that fear. Your courage will speak for itself once you do that first task.

Acquiring knowledge continuously (Harry Potter’s master trick)

Harry is one of the guys who are ready to acquire knowledge continuously. Nothing stops him from doing this. As shown in the novels and also the movies Harry has learned to perform the hardest of the spells and charms that kids of his age are not able to.

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He is excited to learn the hard things. He wants to master all types of magical spells to defeat Voldemort. This one peculiarity of Harry is very important for any person to raise his possibilities of success substantially.

When you continuously acquire knowledge, your mind starts functioning in different ways. It starts exploring a concept from all dimensions and doesn’t remain stagnant. The brain gets more and more creative and stands out when a variety of things flow in it.

Yes, it’s also important to give your brain a break sometimes and shut it down for some time. But you have to learn to adapt and balance both time frames. The intake and the storage. Don’t stress over it and don’t be too casual. But acquire the wisdom constantly through different mediums.

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How to acquire knowledge constantly?
  • Read. (Practice reading if you are not a fervent reader) 
  • Listen to speeches, podcasts, interviews, debates of influential personalities.
  • Take up one skill at a time, become a master at it and then only move to the next one. It’s not mandatory to become an expert in every skill but practice it till you can explain it to others in simple language.
  • Research various theories, conspiracies, international matters in short all the mind-boggling things

Harry and his “Whatever it takes Attitude”

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This characteristic of Harry should be present in every person irrespective of what the circumstances are. Harry is a stubborn guy. He refuses to stand down at any cost. He is ready to get up as many times as he is knocked down.

This mindset is very hard to adapt but it is a choice. This mentality is not built-in you or any other person naturally. It’s a choice to be made by you, whether to absorb this type of attitude or not.

But the thing to grasp here is that tailoring the “Whatever it takes attitude” will make you harder to crack. Giving Up will become hard for you. You’ll have no choice but to complete the task at hand. Have a look at Harry’s journey. Never he has lost faith and tried giving up on defeating Voldemort.

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Try this mentality for a few days. Take it as a self-challenge. I’m sure you’ll yield higher results in all the tasks you take for the same span. This is important for all of us. Do not get demotivated or discouraged while chasing your targets. Always keep “Whatever it takes attitude” towards the things that matter to you.

Developing a “Whatever it takes” attitude.
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  • First of all, you need to have a strong sense of purpose for this. If you don’t have a purpose it’ll not work. 
  • Keeping in mind the end goal will always help you stay focused. Yeah, the journey is important too, but when you have an end goal in mind. However, the hard journey is you’ll keep going.
  • Giving up will not do you any good. Staying slow but consistent will eventually take you a long way.
  • Try limiting the number of distractions in your daily life. Not all, alas we all need an escape from this reality. But try the ones which are not needed.

Choice of Friends.

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So Harry is not alone in his pursuit to triumph Voldemort. He has the support of his friends. They are the reason Harry always keeps going, right?

Isn’t it what any person searches for? A little support from his close ones on his chase. Giving a little brace can take a person a long, long way ahead on his journey.

People say that you are alone on this journey of life. Bullshit in my opinion. There will be people who will support you no matter what. You just have to search in the right place. There will be people who will have your back.

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Try to search for those people. Try to make better bonds. Yes, temporary people are a part of everyone’s life. You have to just let them go. Harry’s bond with his friends is so strong that there’s no space for things like misunderstandings or distrust. Try to build fellowships like this.

Surely this kind of nexus will keep you from losing that last reason of motivation. They can become the reason you were able to outstretch a little to accomplish your target. Just try to construct better bonds and choose the right people.

Now, choosing the right type of friends is not something to be taught. You’ll learn it as you gain more and more experience. Don’t ask someone for advice on this topic. Analyze people and decide for yourself.

Comment what more you learnt from the character of Harry Potter.

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