What being creative means & how to up your creative game.

The chief enemy of creativity is “good” sense

~Pablo Picasso (Creative Artist)


If you want to explain creativity to a layman, how will you start? Like in simple words which anyone can understand being creative means being you. That’s it, it means being you.

In the past couple of months. Since the time I have started my professional college journey. This word “creativity” is constantly revolving around me and especially my brain. I can’t remember the last time a day had passed, me not thinking about this word. Every person will have this stage in their life. When this phenomenon of being creative will hit them.

What we need to understand is that you can’t be creative, creativity flows in you and ultimately your work. It’s an abstract concept, right? It doesn’t have a place or a particular time. It glides in you in the middle of the night, while showering, or even when watering your plants.

Being creative is the exact opposite of copying others. That comes in the strict don’ts when you are trying to embrace that creative side of yours. When you copy others’ creations, it’s underestimating your brain. Absorb this.

Embracing creativity


Understand that every one of us has a power-packed amount of creativity instilled deep within us. The tricky part is clasping to that inner creative lump and giving it a way out. The human brain yearns to be creative, isn’t it right? We all want to be creative in some or the other way or in the field we are working in.

Creativity can be extreme. Like you changing the whole scenario of the situation or making a teensy bit of change to improve. People are afraid to show their uniqueness because most of us care about what other people say. This is a threatening thing, right?

As humans, the society that we have made, it’s the most creative notion ever. But today, this society is crippling the creativity inside of us. People who do creative dingus are viewed as crazy. You do good in school, they call that a paradox. Along with the basic 5 essential things for survival: food, water, shelter, clothing, and money. Creativity should be one of them.

Don’t let the world suppress and hamper your creative skills. They make you stand out, which is very crucial for all of us to make a mark. Embrace every creative perception you have and try to bring it to life.

Creativity is neutral.

The mistake most people make and I’m guilty of it too in some ways is that we judge creativity. Creativity is not ugly or beautiful. It’s just there. We have made it ugly and beautiful by judging it. Why? Ask yourself.

The creative side of a person should not be judged. It tends to demotivate or give a wrong sense of upliftment to that person. Try to look at some unique and creative work just the way it is. Don’t have any prior opinions. For once try that. You’ll observe that you will find out something meaningful about the work.


Suppositions like good sense or bad sense don’t apply to creativity”

How to unshackle your creative psyche?

Decelerated Multitasking

Sounds complicated I know. People nowadays prefer focusing on one job at a time. Multitaskers are becoming increasingly sparse. Decelerated multitasking is not the same as multitasking. It’s multitasking at a turtle – pace. When you work on more than one thing at the same time but at a slow pace. Chances of you getting creative increase substantially.

You didn’t understand, did you? Let’s take some examples to clearly understand this concept. We all know the world-famous German-born physicist Albert Einstein, right? In 1905 Albert Einstein published four remarkable papers.

  1. The Brownian Motion
  2. The Special Theory of Relativity.
  3. The Photoelectric Effect
  4. E = mc2

Now tell me again, why shouldn’t we do multiple things at once. Contrastingly, aiming to do three-four things at once is exactly what we should aim for. Einstein constantly juggled between his research to always remain creative. He was a slow-multitasker, that’s why he was able to achieve more.

At last, he was able to publish all four papers in a single year. Now you’ll say…. it’s Einstein we are talking about, not some ordinary guy.

Example 2

Let’s take another example of Italian polymath, Leonardo da Vinci.


Considered to be one of the most influential personalities of his time. Da Vinci was widely known for his expertise in numerous fields. Da Vinci was a

  1. Painter – The Last Supper, Vitruvian Man, Virgin of the Rocks, Mona Lisa.
  2. Engineer – Designed several flying machines, crossbows, helicopter parts, parachutes from 1488 and onwards.
  3. Physiologist – Closely observed and recorded the effects of age and human emotion on physiology. Studying, in particular, the effects of rage.
  4. Anatomist – First scientific drawings of a fetus in utero. The drawings and notation are far ahead of their time, and if published would undoubtedly have made a major contribution to medical science.
  5. He was also a sculptor and an architect.

Vinci being creative.

Now same as Einstein, Da Vinci too bounced to various other fields in his lifetime. What he did was he applied the principle of slow-paced multitasking throughout his life. He was way ahead of his time, you can tell by his work. Don’t just stick to one field your entire life.

The human brain is much more capable than that. Switch contexts, switch actions, switch your thinking if you want to speed up your creative game. Da Vinci’s work was not ordinary, I know. But the traits he showcased were very common. Traits are possessed by every one of us.

If you are still in doubt and need validation read about Charles Darwin, Michael Crichton, and scientists. This process of unrushed multitasking can prove to be a boon for your creative activities. It’s common in artists and scientists. Unrushed multitasking can assist when you are stuck.

Understand this, “You have to be all things, why exclude?”

Don’t expect to transform into Einstein once you follow this process. But this is a very powerful tool to organize our creative egos.

“Human creativity is nature manifest in us”

Don’t be creative to seek attention.

In today’s day and age, almost everyone is obsessed with seeking attention. You are termed as influential if you have an ‘X’ amount of followers on social media. People are constantly craving attention through some of the other mediums.


Absorb the fact that creativity is free of attention. It doesn’t need attention, it’s independent. Attention is what depends on creativity. Take a step back and think about it. Indeed, if your creative work appeals to people then eventually you are gonna get attention. Attention is the byproduct of being creative, okay.

Don’t be creative to get attention from people you don’t know. But be creative for yourself, be creative because you want to. Seeking attention is not the goal… Opening up your creative side to the people will ultimately get your attention.

Look beyond attention. Try to grab the bigger picture. Your creatives can help you achieve far more important things than just attention. It can earn you respect, capital, love, trust, job, relationships, and people. Don’t lower your thinking level to just attention. Nonetheless, the basic underlying that I want to convey is that “be creative to explore yourself.”

“Be creative to explore your capabilities”

Unrelenting Practice.

How do you achieve a smooth workflow in anything? By practice, right? You practice a specific activity over and over and achieve a certain mastery in it. Consequently a kind of smoothness is attained in it. This case is the same for everyone. Even with being creative. Try to be creative in your job, hobbies, daily affairs, pursuits. Try out different approaches to tasks assigned to you.

Practice creativity daily. Then only you can truly expect yourself to shine when a creative idea is required in the field on spot. A relentless effort is required to open up that creative passage of yours.

Always keep a quest you are trying to fulfill in the corner of your mind. Accordingly creative ideas for that quest will surely pop up in your brain. Still, they will not come to you at a determined time but they will flow.


  1. Creativity is being yourself.
  2. Don’t judge creativity.
  3. Embrace your creative side also do not sway it away in any case.
  4. Practice decelerated multitasking.
  5. Seeking attention should not be your end goal.
  6. Practice, practice and practice.

Spreading motivational vibes 🙂

Illustratration Credits: Prithvi Sawant

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