“Thinking” to transform your inner and outer world.

“I think and think and think, I‘ve thought myself out of happiness one million times, but never once into it.”

~Jonathan Safran Foer: Thinking

(Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close)

Thinking means your brain constantly imagining, visualizing, wishing, stressing, hoping, analyzing, searching, and managing different things.

Now, our brains are continuously on the run, right? We are thinking and thinking all the time. Almost every second there is a different thought in our head. Our thoughts are not organized. Nobody’s thoughts are organized. Our thoughts range from pin to plane within seconds.

Thinking is of a variety of sorts, okay. You think deeply about the topics that have left their mark on you. It may be a minor incident that must have happened during your day or it can be an anecdote from way back. You replay your encounters in your head and visualize how they should have turned out. According to your imagination.

In contradiction, you think very little about the things you do daily. Like, you don’t think too much about brushing your teeth or having dinner or something, you just do them. Without thinking too much.

Now, the problem with thinking is that we often don’t use it to our advantage. Humans don’t yet know the power of thinking rightly, in a proper way. If practiced suitably the simple process of thinking can help you blossom your life. Also, make it much more interesting and open your mind to a variety of new things.

It can help you completely transform your inner world which can ultimately lead to the betterment of your outer world. By practicing different types of thinking methods mentioned in this piece. You’ll experience progress and contentment in different dimensions of your life.

Using thinking to transform the inner world.

Let’s start with our inner world. Our approach towards ourselves, towards our improvement. We very seldomly think about our inner world and all the suppressed emotions that are hiding in there. What can we do to heal our inner world first?

Spend 15-20 minutes with yourself at the end of the day.

This is what I like to do. I spend 15-20 minutes alone at the end of the day and think about random affairs that happened to me during the day. Your inner world is sensitive and fragile, right? It’s not like the outer world, rough and tough.


Our inner world experiences a whirlpool of emotions in a day. You don’t observe that but it does. Spending even 5-10 minutes alone and thinking about random matters can unload a lot of stress and anxiety. It doesn’t matter what you think as long as you are thinking for your benefit. You can think about your day, some news you heard, your loved ones, like anything.

You’ll notice that you will sleep relaxed, wake up fresh and enthusiastic. Spending some time alone from the world’s constant chatter will help you calm your mind. Also, it’ll aid you by emptying the inbox in your head. Your brain’s an inbox, right? Thoughts, messages, emails, notifications are constantly being hit up your powerhouse.

Paving out yourself at the end of the day by thinking about all that traffic. Will reduce the freight in your head. It’s like a therapy which you can do all alone.


Many people don’t believe in this technique. But, everyone should at least give it a try. Affirmations are very powerful and can help you transform your inner world by giving you a definite direction.

Affirmations are subjective. You can make your own. Let everything out, the mixture of emotions burdened in you by practicing affirmations fiercely. Constantly, after a long and tiring day just liberate yourself by practicing affirmations. That will keep that fire burning in you. Write affirmations that’ll force you to level up.


Write affirmations that are best for you. The ones which will motivate you to do your thing. Now the issue many people face while making their affirmation is they don’t know what they want absolutely. Now that’s the thing you have to figure out yourself. I cannot help you with that. It requires time but thinking about it will surely help you know what you want.

It’s an easy concept to understand but people are stupid enough to disregard it. Think about it. If you constantly start thinking and repeating the things you want to achieve. Wouldn’t your brain automatically work in that direction?

Use thinking to transform the outer world.

Now, once you have successfully managed to take control of your inner world. Then only you can manage to take control of your outer world. You know what they say “Half the game is won in mind”. So how should you be thinking to improve and sustain your outer world?


The outer world is a lot harder than the inner world. To transform the world within, only you are responsible, no one else. But it’s different for the outer one. Some factors are out of your control. You cannot harness every issue you face. There will be times when there will be no solution at all. Let’s start.

Expect less, do more.

That’s a punchline, right there:) This is a method that applies to every possible human on the planet. We all have expectations, right? From our loved ones, colleagues, relatives, family. We are always expecting something from people. Stop that! The more you expect the more you are likely to get hurt.


People don’t care about your expectations. Start thinking about it. Expectations are not always fulfilled and that’s when they start getting hurtful. The more expectations remain unfulfilled, the more you’ll fall into that bottomless pit of getting yourself hurt. Keeping expectations can cause you serious unhappiness.

Instead, do more. Start practicing this. This thinking modus operandi is difficult. But it’s doable and will prove fruitful. It’s better to get disappointed with yourself than to get disappointed by others. When you do the things you expect from others yourself, you conclusively give your best in finishing that task.

There’s no one to blame and get saddened from. Wouldn’t that be a lot more pleasing? Expecting more is directly proportional to the sadness you are gonna receive.

Stop trying to impress people.

This thinking is imbibed in us. It’s human psychology, right? When we meet people superior to us in some way or even the ones we love or have a crush on. You want to impress them, right? It’s natural. But what most of us don’t understand is that.

“The people you want to impress can read your intentions”


Yes, that’s true. Impressing someone should not be your primary motive. It’s gonna subsequently lead to you making a bad impression in someone’s mind. This method of thinking is key to living a burden less life.

Instead, try this. Try to be as authentic as possible, try to express yourself by being you. Don’t put on a blanket of different personalities for a temporary benefit. What is the worst thing that could happen? Not much, impressing someone is not gonna be of any benefit to you in the long run.

If you want to build relationships with people that will last long, be original without any filter. If you accept this, chances are you getting your impression good. So just don’t put on a mask because experienced people see right through that mask. The mask is of no use.

Let me know in the comments your thinking methods.

Spreading motivational vibes 😉

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