Do we really need motivation?

What does motivation exactly mean?

The simple meaning of motivation is “The reason or reasons to do a particular thing.” (Google)

Why do we need motivation?

It is unnecessary that we always love to do the things that we are good at or the things we are appointed to do. This is when motivation plays its part. As defined earlier, it is as simple as it sounds. We find one strong reason (motive) to do that thing; it may be a valid reason or an invalid reason. We do the task as we have one strong reason (motive) to do our job.

We can’t just really describe why we need motivation to do things. It can be just in case of lack of intensity of our workflow. We need some reason to go on, and that is why we need motivation.

Lack of motivation

Sometimes in our life, when we try everything to achieve a certain goal. We get unexpected results even after trying everything and giving our 100% to achieve that goal. In those times we lose the motivation to do anything, mostly everything.

Nobody likes to be on the losing side, but this is the reality of life. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

“The show must go on.” 

Such times remind me of an ant. Whenever we block the road of an ant, it steps backward and starts its journey again. Despite all the obstacles and discomforts along its journey, the ant doesn’t stop until she reaches her goal.

Similarly, we also face a lot of setbacks in our lives. But we should always remember that it is not the end, but it can be the beginning of a new journey.

Stagnancy and comfort zone

Sometimes we come to a point in our lives where we are occupied by work. We aren’t willing to take some time off and think that the things that we are doing are really worth the effort. Because mostly we fear what if our inner voice instructs us to stop being busy and change the path?

We create a comfort zone for ourselves, which mostly stops us from growing (intellectually, skills wise).This period of stagnancy is more of a door towards a bigger tomorrow. Only if you are aiming for growth you will try to go that extra mile and get out of that comfort zone and ask questions to yourself.

Is motivation for real or a myth?

If someday you are asked, “What exactly motivation is, what will be your answer?”

Is it a feeling, a thought, or is it just a chemical reaction inside your body? In which dopamine is rushed inside your prefrontal cortex and striatum.

Nowadays there is a lot of chatter about motivational speakers. People spend a lot of money to get motivated for living their own lives. We are pumped up after hearing motivational speeches. Life changes for several days and after we are back to our senses everything gets back to normal. We want to get back in the zone where we were motivated to do anything in front of us. But it is not possible as the dopamine effect is gone. We are back to finding reasons about why we should do it.

So the question still stands: is motivation for real or is it a myth?


  • The motive for which we do a particular thing changes the course of our actions.
  • Not always we get expected results. But, “The show must go on.”
  • Growth in life should always be your priority.
  • What exactly does motivation mean?

Illustrations by: Prithvi Sawant.

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