How to design your habits to live a progressive life.

Consistency is paramount. How often you perform your habit matters”

People often decide to start good habits, to live progressive lives. But very few stick to that chore until it becomes a habit. Consistency is what most of us lack. It’s not that we are unwilling to live a healthy and joyful lifestyle. It’s just that our voluntary inconsistency becomes a major obstacle. Our choices and time management pull us back from starting progressive habits.

Who doesn’t want to be productive, pleasant, progressive? We all do right? By adopting the right kind of habits we can certainly do that. All of us at some time have fallen prey to our lazy and lame mindset. We all have those junky cravings but that’s what we have to learn. In this piece, we’ll talk about minor and major habits and how to be consistent with them.

Micro Habits


“Tremendous potential but difficult to practice”

Now, why do I say that? It’s because people think small changes or minor habits are easy to adapt. But that’s not the case. People start these types of habits very enthusiastically. They think that one tiny change they have to make in their lifestyle and voilà… They’ll get the precipitate the next day. But what people fail to understand is that small habits don’t give immediate results. Over time as you practice them and they accumulate to form something valuable.

That’s the hard thing about small habits. Let’s analyze, what’s a minor habit? It’s a petite change you make in your lifestyle because you want to grow. You want constant self-growth at an elfin rate. The reason micro habits are hard to stick to because we expect quick results. That’s human nature, there’s nothing wrong with that. But you need to understand that micro habits take time to make their product. 

You’ll accomplish so much even before you realize it. Sometime in the future, you’ll look back and wonder “how I achieved so much?” Don’t keep a casual attitude towards these habits. You’ll be thankful as you stuck to those tiny habits and eventually, a collective gain emerged out of it. Just have patience and practice those habits every day without thinking too much about them. 


Forming a piggy bank is something we all have done in our life. As kids, we all had that extra bank in case of emergencies. But as we grew older that habit got disrupted. Now imagine if we continue to keep practicing that habit.


Think what’ll happen if we keep putting that extra note in that jar until we get old. It will be a substantial amount of capital, I guarantee you that. That piggy bank will safe side and secure your old age, won’t it? This is an example of micro habit and its benefits in the foreseeable future.

Macro Habits

Now, these habits involve a lot of thinking. People don’t just get up in the morning and start these. These major decisions that you need to make with planning and organizing things. Macro habits are very effective if you want short-term and instant results. They require an effort but they are swiftly fruitful. Macro habits don’t need to be maintained and stuck by, okay. They are not meant to be practiced in the long run. 


Just practice them until you get your fruit and forget them. Macro habits need a lot of endeavors which is not befitting in the distant future. When a habit needs a lot of labor it need not be done in the long haul. As you thought, macro habits are contradictory to micro habits. Macro habits are short-term investments that you need to keep for instantaneous results. 

One at a time. When you decide to take up a macro habit, do it one at a time. I know that you are much more able than just one but for the time being, just focus on one. Macro habits exercise your mind, they drain you mentally. That’s the downside of these types of habits. If you just practice one at a time it can cause a ripple effect in other areas of your life. Don’t take up too many of these at once you’ll lose your mind.

Action. The most needed thing in these habits. If you are not motivated enough to start macro habits cannot be implemented in our day-to-day life. 


Waking up at 5:00 AM is something we all aspire to do. People say you get so much of your work done earlier in the day. You get more productive and also you get time to do things you like. But, understand that waking up at 5:00 AM won’t work for everyone. Staying up late can work for some people. Waking up late can work for some people.


Now, imagine you enroll in a summer camp of 15 days. You have to reach the destination by 7:00-8:00 AM every day. If you are not an early riser you’ll mold yourself for those 15 days to go to that camp. But after the camp gets over, stop doing that. Don’t pressurize yourself unnecessarily to wake up early. It’s not beneficial to you for a long period. Just get back to your original nature. This is an example of macro habit and its pros and cons.

How to be consistent?

  • Prepare yourself mentally to take action every day. 
  • Have a rationale before starting any type of habit.
  • Constantly think about where you want to reach with that habit.
  • Analyze neatly before starting a habit. Is the habit beneficial in the future or is it only giving temporary benefits?
  • Be slow but steady.
  • Have the willpower to execute the habit every day.

These are some of the key points to be consistent. The important ones are to have a rationale and robust willpower.

To sum it up, habits can make or destroy a person. Think wisely before you start one. Micro and macro habits both have their pros and cons. It’s going to be hard to start a habit that’ll bring you some positive change. Proceedings are mandatory, go through them without thinking too much.


Plan but don’t overthink. Before starting any habit people generally overthink. Don’t do that. Just plan a little before and start. You’ll eventually figure it out along the way.

Experiment a lot. Experimenting will help you explore your limits and will also help you focus on your weaknesses. Starting a habit requires strength. You need to do it every day. They push you out of your comfort zone. So experimenting will help you in different ways.

Start at a miniature rate. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself by taking too much at once. Think what you need in life right now and start a habit according to that. It’s not that every habit you start will work for you, will give you results.

Some will just remain experiments you completed. But I assure you, you’ll learn a lot from each habit that you start. If it works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you, understand that.

These things will help you design a habit according to your needs. Just fleet them in mind before starting one.


  • Micro habits are similar to long-term investments.
  • They’ll take time to make something valuable and fruitful.
  • Macro habits are more of short-term investments.
  • Not beneficial in long hauls,
  • Consistency is the key. 
  • Practice one habit at a time. 
  • Have a rationale and willpower.

Spreading motivational vibes 😉

Shivam Deshpande

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