Learn self-mastery from the master himself : The Incredible Hulk

“Hulk Smash!”


In a world full of reactive clowns, be the one who responds to situations thoughtfully.

Nowadays, almost every youngster, grownup or even a toddler knows the “Hulk”. But if you give it a thought, Hulk is just a character created by Marvel. A scientist named ‘Bruce Banner’. Who was accidently instilled with gamma rays during an experiment, which affected his cells. Now every time when he gets angry, excited or even when he gets an anxiety attack. (Just some improvisation for the blog as you read ahead you will get the reference.) He turns into a big green muscular monster. Who is not in his senses. He doesn’t control his emotions nor he cares about what he does.

But wait a minute, this kind of behavior also sounds similar to the one who has written this. Or even to the one who is reading this. Let us say that this behavior is known to every teenage kid, adult and old person.

Almost all of us require some lame shitty situation to turn into a monster just like Hulk. (We just stay the same size that we are. The clothes we wear are also in place and we are likely to turn red not green).

Similarities with the Hulk:

Before the experiment, Hulk must not have given much thought about his emotional reactions. But after the experiment, his life turned upside down. Because now he has to monitor his emotions, behavior, thoughts and even his breath carefully. This also happens with us. Not the monitoring part, but the one of flowing with the emotions.

This is also similar to our life nowadays we think little about what we think. Only when there are tough times in our life, we overthink. We keep on thinking about the moment which has passed. The moment in which we misbehaved or reacted in an inappropriate manner. This is human behavior.

But the damage has been done.  

Control over emotions:

As the time passes, Bruce learns from his mistakes. What has exactly happened to him? What were the things he was doing wrong? He realizes that turning into the Hulk, is not good for him and also for others around him. So he takes control over some chemical reactions happening inside him. (Which we all are capable of.) Does some brain exercises, because of which he can take control over his anger.

The Hulk way/ Years of Practice:

Great people say, “Just believe in the process, the results will follow.”

This is one of the many things that Hulk teaches us. After the experiment, he invests many years in himself just to take control over his other personality. 

With years of practice and a lot of patience, Hulk turned his weakness into his strength. Years ago, when he was affected by the experiment. Hulk was traumatized by the incident. But he faced it and put years in the process of self mastery. Bruce finally learns to control the demon that was growing inside him. He uses the demon for a good deed, for himself and for others. 

We also have a similar problem like the Hulk. We are in control of our emotions, and our emotions drive us crazy. Controlling emotions requires practice and an arduous mindset.

It can’t happen overnight, but we have to keep trying till we learn it. Most important part is that we should not suppress our emotions. Instead we should learn to use the developed desire for our good. This will require a determined spirit and everyday grinding. 

But this can make a huge impact on the decisions we make in our life and their results. 

Last, but not the least. This lesson from our master Hulk is also important. He transforms into a monster only for a certain period. However he is back to his senses after an outburst of his emotions.

The lesson that we can imbibe from the character of Hulk. Is that ’emotions don’t last.’ They are temporary.

Key lesson

So now, you have a choice! Drive your life based on random emotions that have been developed in your mind. Or focus on emotions that are for your own good.

Learnings from the Hulk:

  • There is a Hulk hidden in all of us. Certain circumstances bring him to life
  • That hidden Hulk can be your friend depending on how you direct him. For destructive purposes or, for your good?
  • Making him your friend requires a lot of patience and practice.
  • Emotions don’t last forever.

Illustrations by: Prithvi Sawant.


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