How to be the Jack of all trades?

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“Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate”

~ Jack Sparrow

Who is Jack Sparrow?

Jack Sparrow is the protagonist in the movie franchise Pirates of the Caribbean. He is the captain of a famous ship The Black Pearl. Jack has vanquished some of the most powerful and fierce pirates of the ocean. Portrayed by Johnny Depp, Jack knows every little aspect of the ocean and therefore is also considered one of the clever pirates.
Jack loves his rum and his capital. He doesn’t share it with anyone except his crew. He acts a little insane and a drunkard all the time. His specialization in the sea 🌊 can be matched by no one. His way of living carefree is the best admirable quality we can adapt in practical life.

Enforcing some of the qualities of Jack can give you a fresh standpoint for various fields of life.

Why Jack Sparrow?

Jack has all those qualities that a person needs to have. To live life the way it is meant to live. Most of the people are deceased from within. They don’t want to change the lens through which they view the world. They are quite okay with the life they are living.

Jack knows how to live life to the fullest. He knows how to live in the present which most people fail to do. They keep clinging on to the past or do wishful thinking about the future. Adapting some important qualities of this pirate can help you change your perspective.

This man is a drunkard and an intelligent person at the same time. He manages to balance both sides of his personality incredibly well. When it’s time to work Jack doesn’t give a damn about anyone. But at the same time when it’s time to party, he parties harder than anyone.

Jack knows that he is sufficient in himself. He very rarely shows emotions like jealousy or envy. When you feel insufficient within yourself your emotions start taking a toll on you. Jack exhibits these problems very rarely.

Jack knows the ocean.

The ocean is Jack’s passion. It’s his absolute addiction. He knows every aspect of it. It’s his love to captain his crew and sail in the ocean. His enemies know that he is proficient and knowledgeable although he doesn’t display it. Jack Sparrow is a mixture of carefreeness and intelligence.

This trait of Jack is very important for us in real life. Be carefree about the things that are not in your hands. They are only going to exhaust you mentally. At the same time, be clever and astute. Don’t let your impression be as someone who is a cynic or vague person.
The one who can adapt to the opposites. Like untroubled and observant or heedful can face any situation like Jack calmly and keenly.

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How to remain unworried and quick-witted at the same time?

  • Start by trying to stop worrying about the things that are out of your control. Stressing on them is not gonna be fruitful. It’s a difficult thing but start practicing it.
  • Try to gain a lot of knowledge and understanding of the field you work in similar to Jack. By this, your intelligence will develop from all the dimensions. 
  • Understanding your work field can help you assess the quandaries more easily and methodically. 
  • Practice different things like deep breathing to fulfill that untroubled part. Search for different ways to evolve your acuteness because a blend of these qualities will help you in the long term.

He uses different tactics.

Jack has defeated the greatest pirates of the ocean like Davy Jones, Salazar, Blackbeard (Capt. Edward Teach). It’s not because of luck or random things.

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Jack is equipped with particular tactics. They are in his intangible artillery. He uses them specifically according to different situations. Whenever he is in trouble, he pulls up a pinpoint tactic discreetly.

Everyone should have abstract artillery equipped with a desirable stratagem. Why? To not just survive in the brutal habitat of this world. But to survive efficiently and come up as a value to this society.

How to create this intangible artillery?

  • Start designing this ordnance by first listing out your strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths can be in your artillery readily. Start working on weakness to make it complete.
  • Think of tactics required in practical life. Don’t do this for imagination and reel thoughts. 
  • Develop yourself at executing things accurately according to plan. Most people are not able to stick to their plan because they mold with the situation. Plan up to the extent that desirable situations come up. 
  • Study human behavior in different situations. Analyze the most common and universal human traits. Build your arsenal based on this research. It’ll help you way more than just textbook stuff.

Jack knows what he wants.

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More than half of people in this world are chasing vagueness. Jack is a man with a vision. He knows exactly what he wants and has figured out the ways to get that.

This quality of Jack has subjected him to various malaise circumstances. Testing his determination, patience, intelligence, common sense. Knowing specifically what you want, opens up the door to the universe.

Jack has a compass that guides him with what he wants. But we cannot have one cause… well because people reading this are not pirates. In real life deciding the absolute want can be tiring.

But imagine the sense of gratification and contentment once your desires are completed. The feeling would be the best in the world, right?

“PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES”..The villainous Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) pursues Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) as he searches for the trident used by Poseidon..Ph: Film Frame..©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

How to decide what you want?

  • Start by stopping trailing vagueness in the first place. Vagueness is good to stimulate your imagination. But not while planning the future.
  • Think! Make a list of things you want. Go after the most significant one. The rest of the things will fall into place inadvertently. 
  • Don’t change the thing you desire every day. Your brain loses its ability to prioritize and hub activities. 
  • Use the method of autosuggestion to translate your desires into tangible assets. Knowing what you want will inculcate the factors required for it. (Mindset, attitude, actions, thinking, organizing, sourcing, assimilating)

Jack creates history.

Jack Sparrow has defeated the most fierce and powerful pirates of the ocean. (Davy Jones, Salazar, Blackbeard). He has explored the quests that nobody has explored. (Treasures, Fountain of Youth, Ponce de Leon, Trident).

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Acclimatize this mindset. Whatever major things you want to achieve in this unbounded game of life. Aim to create history in that. Jack has habituated this trait.

Jack has even died and been revived. No better comeback than this.

If you want to create history, you have to become the best in what you do. Absolute expertise in any field can give you opportunities to make history. Develop yourself so that you can become an expert.

Imagine this, everything you do if you aim at making history in it. Won’t your chances of succeeding in that task increase substantially. Your brain will adapt to an ambition driven mindset once you start administering this little thing.

Jack’s leadership.

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Jack doesn’t have a large crew, you would know if you see the movies. He works with a small group and appoints duty to members optimally. A microscale group works efficiently, Jack knows that.

Keeping your social circles nanoscopic (friends, family, relatives, colleagues, etc) will assist you in doing concentrated work. The diversions and distractions become limited when the group is minimal. An emphatic and nucleus like environment are created when people with similar interests get together.

Jack’s crew likes working with him, they trust him and it’s vice – versa. This symbiotic relationship proves very powerful and helpful in taking the syndicate forward. Learn and observe the minute leadership qualities of Jack from the movies.

How to develop leadership qualities like Jack Sparrow

  • Develop trust and show trust. (fundamental)
  • Consider everyone’s views.
  • Be the best in the establishment, then only you can become a leader.
  • Share a common goal with your crew.
  • Be a brew of strictness and gentleness. 
  • Get efficient at decision-making.

Lastly, Jack eludes the vying and competitiveness of the ocean by authenticity. He knows that the traits which he possesses cannot be copied by anyone. He is bona fide and genuine. This realization doesn’t come to many. People instead of analyzing themselves, admire the qualities of other people, and try to imbibe them.

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry. Their passions quotations”

                                                ~Oscar Wilde

That’s not a bad thing but when you’ll explore yourself first. You will find the attributes that can’t be copied by anyone else. Use them in the real world as and when necessary.

Jack seems so distinctive and uncommon because he lives life according to his own will. He doesn’t care if he stands up to society’s norms and expectations. He breaks rules and gets away with it, always. That is what makes him look cool.

Know that you are independent of your surroundings. Treat yourself as a selective entity. Do what your brain tells you to do.


  • Learn to be carefree every once in a while if you are not able to do it regularly.
  • Build your crew. 
  • Develop trust, show trust.
  • Listen to intuitions and act according to them. 
  • Add the pinch of authenticity to your work.
  • Explore yourself. (Any means possible)
  • Know what you want – definite stuff.
  • Become superlative in your syndicate. 
  • Adapt the mindset of creating history. 

Spreading motivational vibes 😉

Shivam Deshpande.

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