Declutter your life to find peace.

“In the never-ending battle between order and chaos, clutter sides with chaos every time. Anything that you possess that does not add to your life or your happiness eventually becomes a burden.”

~John Robbins


As the world turns more and more materialistic. The chances of finding peace and more importantly, maintaining it, become complicated. People are getting busier playing status games trying to perpetuate guise, they are not from within.

Owning a particular piece of a commodity because it makes you look a certain way is not needed at all. What people don’t understand is the more you get attached to tangible items. The less peace of mind you’ll feel. That’s a basic sense, right? Think about it…

The process of organizing your stuff be it tangible or intangible. It is the same as the process of clearing cache out of your mobile phone (Decluttering). Same as a mobile phone the brain starts functioning at high speed. Vague and useless thoughts flow at a very minuscule rate. Also, the literally speaking brain’s battery life rises too.



Cluttering your life with not just physical and concrete things. But also with abstract concepts like emotions, thoughts, moods, feelings, etc is a basic human tendency.

Clutter is what defines humans. No one in this world is fully immaculate and clutter-free in their behavior. But here’s the catch okay… You have to understand cluttering your lifestyle beyond a certain limit has strangling effects on your brain.

Living a cluttered and messy lifestyle sounds absolute fun, I know. But, you gotta understand that mess at some point cluttering is gonna hamper your growth in certain areas of your life.

Decluttering yourself from definite stuff first can significantly reduce the colossal amount of emotions in you.

The more cluttered you are, the more decision making you have to do. Which ultimately results in fatigue for the brain. Reducing the decisions you make every day will result in quality and better decision making.

Filter out the extras.

Every one of us has more than what’s required. When purchasing household items we always buy more than what’s required. Get rid of that extra shit. One of the reasons for cluttered homes is the extra stuff people buy.

Buy the supplies required for a week instead of buying for a full month. Reduce the purchasing of items you don’t need. Don’t waste your capital on things that are of no use to you. Save more. Saving doesn’t have any dangerous side effects right?

Filter out your closet once every 6 months. Donate the clothing items you don’t wear regularly. Instead of keeping a variety of colors of the same T-Shirt try keeping one or two at the best. You’ll immediately notice a lessening of your stress. We don’t contemplate ourselves that often. But even this type of cluttering of clothing items affects us at a very minute level.


We don’t realize that these things can affect our mindset at a microscopic level. But the reality is they do. When you buy a commodity of any sort, your brain registers it right away. Equivocally, the more commodities you buy the more registrations there will be in your brain. Do you need that?

Try to keep your brain registrations free and practice decluttering, I.e. simple and as sober as a judge.

Organize and declutter efficiently

Yeah, you read it right… Organize your belongings. Be it your closet, accessories, shoe rack, kitchen, everyday gear. Organizing is wildly underrated. People have not yet realized the power of “Organization”. It not only frees your brain from the constant accumulation of junk. But also affects the magnitude of thoughts flowing in your mind and not to forget their quality.

The process of organizing your possessions be it tangible or intangible. It is the same as the process of clearing cache out of your mobile phone (Decluttering). Same as a mobile phone the brain starts functioning at high speed. Vague and useless thoughts flow at a very minuscule rate. Also, the literally speaking brain’s battery life rises too.


Think about it. Isn’t it satisfying when you instantly find the things you search for hours every day? Isn’t it delightful when you develop a good habit?

When you organize your things, you realize that there’s a substantial amount of things that you don’t use at all. It’s surprising, right? Decluttering becomes very easy once you start organizing your routine. Keeping only those things that are in your regular use is what decluttering is all about.

Regulate your buying rate to declutter flow.

According to the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MoSPI). The rate of spending of an average Indian is rising by almost 16% for the last five years. We just have a lot of stuff in our homes. There are things in all of the homes that we haven’t even used once. Still, you bought it in the first place.

This is the genesis that we have to stop. If you want to declutter your home start by monitoring what you buy. Declutter your social media as it’s also one of the ways for stuff to get in your house.


Once you start controlling what you buy, a large number of expenses will instantly turn into savings. Put a barrier on your cravings for a few days. Understand that cravings are temporary, don’t just give in to them. Try simple ways to declutter your cravings.

Take a social media break as they are the main source from where cravings arise. Then be those for clothing items, accessories, beauty products, footwear, etc.

Control the amount of items that comes into your home through whatever medium. Because if you don’t do that then there is no point in trying to declutter your routines. If you buy more and try to declutter things, it’s not gonna work at all, right?

From now on, whenever you go for your daily purchases try and analyze what to buy and what to not? Make a list of items before going to the grocery store and just buy those things. That way the process of cleaning (declutter) things will become much easier.

Make regimes to declutter atomically.

Make short regimes to follow in a single day.

  1. Clean your house before going to bed at night.
  2. Arrange your workspace and everyday gear. So that you won’t freak out in the morning.
  3. Check if your office bag is ready with things you need the day after.
  4. Make your bed in the morning.
  5. Do the tasks that you are stressing about the first thing for a day. It’ll declutter and relax your brain.

Don’t let that stockpile, disperse it beforehand. Use these atomic techniques above to declutter from a very minuscule level. Doing a small thing every day eventually leads up to a pool of progress one day.

Create these small regimes for yourselves. So that you won’t be burdened to declutter your things a certain way. These are the ways I’m suggesting as they have helped me declutter my lifestyle. You can certainly find out new ways to do the same. Please share the if you have found out different ways to declutter your lifestyle.


  1. Get rid of the extra things that are lying in your house unused.
  2. Declutter your mind first if you want to declutter your lifestyle.
  3. Regulate and monitor your purchasing rate.
  4. Buy only the things that are in your everyday inventory.
  5. Organize and systematize your roster. It’ll help you declutter efficiently.
  6. Make small (atomic) changes in your lifestyle. One day you’ll reflect upon the huge progress you’ve made over time.
  7. Construct short regimes. Those will help you declutter faster, better and methodical.

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