Qualities from Batman that can enhance your life.

“He can make the choice that no one else can make, the right choice”

~Alfred (Butler and father figure for Batman)

Who is Batman?

Batman (Bruce Wayne) is a fictional superhero created by DC comics. He is a business tycoon who runs Wayne Enterprises. He is a self made billionaire and considered one of the influential men in Gotham City. Bruce is a CEO and Socialite during the day and crime buster by night. 

After suffering from the trauma of his parent’s murder during his childhood. Bruce has unleashed vengeance on the criminals of Gotham. He hopes to see the day when Gotham will no longer need Batman.

Why Batman?

The answer to this question would be because Batman is self made. In real life you have to be self made because nobody’s gonna provide you with what you want. You have to use the Infinite Intelligence hidden in you in order to get what you want. Batman is a unrivalled example of this. His attributes can help any individual grow a notch up everyday. 

After the murder of his parents Bruce has trained himself in every possible way to become a Superhuman. He has worked on every aspect of his body, be it agility, strength, flexibility, speed, reflexes, etc to handle his enemies on the ground. That’s what makes him an absolute admiration.

Qualities to absorb from Batman:

Making yourself capable similar to Batman (Train)

Batman aka Bruce Wayne is a human after all. But he is brutal while fighting the criminals. He has trained himself to do this. So the thing is that if you have a goal, you have to make yourself capable and worth it. TRAINING is salient. When you train yourself hard your mind starts to ask itself “okay! What are we training for?” 

Batman has trained himself in 127 types of martial arts. He also knows how to use almost every weapon to its full potential. Imagine the level of training he has gone through to become Batman. 

Your brain starts recognizing you training hard for something and it aligns itself with your goal. It starts to find ways through which the thing you want, your goal can be achieved. Training is the tool through which you can communicate with your brain to instruct itself in that direction. But you got to train hard because the brain does not recognize the impulses which are not intense. You got to give it 100% while training. 

How to Train in order to get what you want?

  1. START!
  2. Take baby steps. There’s no need to rush. Try to chase perfection in whatever things you do. 
  3. When you practice slowly but steadily in the first place. Then only you can practice at a faster pace in second place.
  4. Focus on “Quality Consistency”. Only consistency can become a useless habit you do for sake.
  5. Don’t envy others achievements, keep emphasizing on your work. (Horse Vision)
  6. Have a strong Desire and Faith in yourself and in the process. Your targets will be accomplished even faster.

Batman: Be Two Faced


Bruce Wayne is a rich dude who can buy anything he wants. He is more of a public person in the day. He turns Batman in the night, nobody knows his identity by night. Not even those who are close to him.

You should have an identity that nobody knows of. Keep two distinguished identities for yourself. One to display in front of the world and one for yourself that nobody has even the slightest idea of. Set your goals and targets for the secret identity. You automatically develop an unclouded vision which many fail to develop.

Let the world know once you have finished the final product. People will try to hamper your growth if they get to know what your targets or goals are. They can go up to any extent to demotivate you or distract you from achieving your goal. Let your secret identity work on the goal that you intend to achieve. Don’t allow the public identity to become dominant over the secret one. Keep the secret one more profound and governing. 

How to keep the Secret?

  1. Start by trying to maintain a balance between public and personal life. 
  2. Lessen your constant social media use. The world doesn’t need to know every single detail of your day.
  3. At the end of day, spend 15-20 minutes everyday with yourself. Remind yourself of the Targets that you intend to achieve amidst the jibber-jabber of the world.
  4. Don’t keep secrets, but don’t trust everyone with everything.
  5. Network with the right people. Don’t do it for the sake with atrocious people.
  6. Set aims for your concealed identity similar to Batman 
  7. Plan out every single detail that will help you accomplish your objective.

Bruce Wayne: Take responsibility

Bruce Wayne and Batman are two different personalities. But both of them are dependable. Bruce runs a billion dollar company so he has to act as an authority and take up a massive amount of responsibilities. He has a huge number of employees working for his company. As a supreme he has to maintain a balance between accountability and credit.


Same way Batman is responsible for any kind of casualty that is caused during neutralization of a criminal. Both of them take responsibility for whatever they do. Most people in the real world fail to do so as they are afraid of the accountability that comes with it. Learn to maintain equilibrium between accountability and responsibility and you’ll be viewed as an experienced person.

Why and How to take responsibilities?

  1. Taking more and more responsibilities will make you more and more error proof. 
  2. You can’t run from the accountability but it’ll become dormant as you practice responsibility.
  3. Again, start by taking up little responsibility. Don’t try to take up too much at once.
  4. When executing your responsibility, devote yourself to it. However little you think it is.
  5. Build credibility and trust by raising your rate of accomplished responsibilities. 
  6. These are important factors that will eventually make responsibilities come your way.
  7. Take the blame when you fail. Makes you honest and humble.

Batman: Innovate


Batman is always upgrading or innovating his stuff. He doesn’t remain stagnant. Same is the case with Bruce. How do you think Bruce was able to boost Wayne Enterprises? Stagnation dismantles you mentally and exhausts you physically.

If you follow the same routine over and over. You’ll put a barrier or a limit to various outlooks of your brain. Human brain is not made to be inert. It craves for innovation and inventivity. But the dominative part of the brain for most people is that which procrastinates. It’s a natural thing, most people don’t choose to do the work until it becomes an absolute necessity.

Try to liberate yourself from that procrastinative mindset. Observe that capitalistic ideas, productivity, inventiveness, seeking will come to you naturally. Wayne Enterprises provides people with whatever they want. Security, food, steel, aerospace, technology, shipping, yards, research institute, medical, biotech, electronics, entertainment. 

How to start innovating?

  • Start by not keeping a fixed morning routine. Go with the flow. But ensure productivity.
  • Trash the habit that you have been doing for years. Do it in different ways or start a new one.
  • Take up 30 – Days challenges. They’ll help you spur your impulses. They’ll ensure minimum stagnation.
  • When doing a thing, think of ways it is easy or hard to do it. Even if it may seem of no use to your. It’s opening different sections of your brain. 

Bruce Wayne: Intelligence and Acumen

Bruce is intelligent therefore Batman has enhanced acumen. Intelligence and acumen both are interdependent. Bruce has developed that intellect over the time. It’s not an overnight process. It in turn helps Batman execute the tasks more easily. 

According to comics, Batman is able to vanquish the whole Justice League. With his intense planning skills and cognizance, Batman is able to defeat gods like Wonder Woman and Superhuman. In the comic JLA: Tower of Babel, Batman has kept a record of the weakness of every ally of his in case of the worst condition. He knows them inside out.

With your awareness and intelligence you can achieve a great number of things. 

Simply thinking in different inclinations towards a notion can make you look like a specialist. People simply don’t know the power of thinking distinctively. They are dead from inside. Batman is an epitome of how a mixture of thinking and training can make you irreplaceable. 

How to develop Intelligence?

  1. Read books.
  2. Exercise, move your body. It increases the efficiency of your brain.
  3. Solve Sudokus. 
  4. Gain knowledge from the street, not from school books. 
  5. Observe your surroundings. 
  6. Learn tactics from experienced people.
  7. Practice Mindfulness

“The Dark Knight has a backup plan ready if the worst hits”


Work in silence:

Working in silence is an underrated concept in today’s society. People want to make noise about whatever they are doing. Because people don’t want to look as someone who is idle and supine all the time.

Working in silence doesn’t mean closing yourself off from the world. It means executing your ideas while staying in the constant chatter of the world. Batman is a great example of this. Nobody except Alfred knows him. That’s what makes him cool. He doesn’t crave for attention. What matters to him is the value he is adding to the society. He focuses on larger benefits more than personal one. 

How to work in silence?

  1. First, understand the benefits of working in shadow. It liberates you from maintaining an image in the public eye.
  2. Then digest the fact that you don’t have to make noise about what you do.
  3. The things that people know about you. Let them be. Start by working on things that less know about you. 
  4. Like passion projects, spending quality time on your ideas. 
  5. Write a diary everyday. It can be anything. Random thoughts, your day, songs, poetry, quotes, lessons etc. 
  6. Working in silence obstructs you from distraction. Do the most important things to you in secrecy. They’ll ensure undivided attention.
  7. Focus on the calibre of your quietude. Your yield will rise.


  • Be original and authentic like Batman.
  • Be interested in larger good. 
  • Keep a secret identity.
  • Train both your insides and outsides.
  • Develop intelligence and creativity.
  • Be an observer rather than a commenter. 
  • Think! but not all the time.
  • Master uncommon things.
  • Live up to your full potential.

Spreading motivational vibes 😉

Illustration Credits: https://www.instagram.com/i_am_psjr28/

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