Elevating your life with Lord Vishnu and his teachings.

For those who See Me Everywhere and See Everything in Me, I’m Never Lost,

Nor they are Lost to Me.

~Lord Vishnu – Bhagavad Gita

Lord Vishnu is one of the main Deity from the Three Gods of Hinduism (Trimurti).  He is known as the Preserver of the Universe. A lot of people in this world Worship him and follow the path of Vaishnavism. But in my opinion, very few understand his Teachings. Lord Vishnu is related to Growth and Development of the Universe and so are his Teachings. If one tries to understand them keenly and administer them in one’s Life they will surely Live a Life worth Remembering. Let’s remember some of the teachings of Lord Vishnu:

  • Keeping Expectations Hurts:
Lord Vishnu

The Foundation of all Human relations is Expectations.        

  • How you want your Wife to be?                                                                                                     The one who stays Devoted to me.   
  • How you want your Husband to be? The one who will fill my World with Raptures and Luxuries.
  • How do you want your Children to be? Those who will stay Dedicated to me. Discharge their Services and Duties towards me. Follow my Directives and Admire me.                                                                                

Why do we have so many Expectations from our Close Ones? Humans can only Love those, who stand up to and fulfill their Expectations. But sadly, it’s the Nature of Expectations that all of them are not fulfillable. Even if one is Truly Determined to Consummate one’s Expectations they are not able to Satisfy them Fully.


According to Lord Vishnu:

Because Expectations arise in the Brain. The more your Expectations are Attained the More they arise in Brain (Mastishk). There’s no end to them, and when one is not able to Manage One’s Expectations Scramble is born out of it. All the Relations turn into Scramble.

Lesson: Don’t make Expectations the Base of your Relations. Just accept the Fact that Relations are the Base of your Life. Also know that in a Relation the more you expect from the opposite person the More Struggle will be Born. So surrender to the Idea that Expects Less in Relations and ultimately it will lead to Growth of your Relations.

  • Look for the Larger Good:

Life is like a Combat Zone. We have to constantly decide between Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, and Light & Dark. In real Life, it’s not the Karma that Disenfranchises a Human Being. But what Hegemonizes us are the Presuppositions that are attached to the Karma.

Simply means that when you Forecast the Outcomes of an Affair, you are Jeopardizing yourselves. Suppose you Lose an important Client in the Business or say Lose a Cricket Match, you start feeling Dejected and Blue. These are very basic examples and Life is much Unyielding then that. So if feelings like these are not controlled it will eventually Lead to Downfall of a person.


Also not just Sorrowful Feelings but it applies to Jovial Feelings also. People sometimes get too Submerged in their Gratification that they forget these feelings can also Impede them. The main reason responsible for the Feelings of a Person after the Activity. Are the Speculations that they Supposed before the Activity.

Lesson: Don’t associate any Conjectures before doing a Job. When you assume nothing, you will not feel Contentment, Pain, Disappointment, Sorrow, Self – Conceit. That is True Heartease and Tranquility of Mind.

Do your Karma (Job) with Full Diligence and the Rest will Follow

  • Work on your Present:

People in this world are constantly Striving to make their Future Healthier. But very few know that:

Lord Vishnu

Future = Struggle

When we Wish for something in Present but it doesn’t get completed, the Wish slowly Fragments away. Our Brain starts making different strategies to complete the Wish in the Future. We think that our Wishes and Desires will complete in the Future if not in the Present.

But Rarely people insight that: 

“Life is neither the Past nor the Future, Life is all about This Moment (Present)”

People are in this Crazy Race to excel in the Future that they forget to Live Life in the Present Moment. When you work by Keeping the Future in Mind you are not only Failing your Longings but also Failing your Mental Health. Constant Hustle in Fullness of Time deteriorates your Body and Mind and this gradually makes us Apathetic and Stale. The Struggle is Real.

Way Out

But what if you Learn to Perceive the Moment as it is and let go of all the Stress and Tensions regarding your future. Wouldn’t that be Literal Jubilation? Learn to Live in the Moment and let go of all the Misgivings because you never know when will Yamraj call us.

Lesson: Living in Present and Strenuously working for Future is a Waste of Time. Working to have a Desired Future is a constant Scuffle. Living in the Moment (Present) is the only way to have a Pacific and Delighting Life. Worrying for Future is not going to be Fruitful but Infertile. It’s something that we cannot control and should not Try changing it with efforts of Today. Instead Live like Mr. Bean, a Relaxed Life

  • Be your Savior:

In today’s world, people don’t have time for Each Other. Respect and Love are deficient among us. Nowadays people are too Engaged in their day to day Lives, that they even forget to Stay in Touch with Close ones. In the age of Social Media and round the clock Innovations and Upgrades people are lacking in Empathy and Approbation.

Lord Vishnu

In times like these, every individual’s Integrity and Nobility is at Stake. No one cares about your Integrity or Recitude. Heeding Lord Vishnu’s teaching, if you don’t look after yourself, the world will Squeeze and Shovel you Out of Order. Don’t expect anyone to come to your rescue. In Kalyug, people are going to be Selfish and Egocentric; said, Lord Vishnu.

So, in the Long Run, we have to be Impenetrable and Authoritative to pull through this world.

Magic happens when You do not give up, Even though you Want to.

The universe Falls in Love with a Stubborn Heart. ~ Paulo Coelho

Lesson: This world is falling short of Compassion and Solicitude. Anyone who wants to leave an Imprint on this world has to learn to live Unchaperoned. Expecting the society to come to your Saving is Bootless Errand. “Those who aim at great deeds must also suffer Greatly”

  • Develop a good character:
Lord Vishnu

Parents always try to fill their child’s future with Solace and Consolation. They don’t want their children to suffer as they did while Fabricating descent Life. They don’t want their Children to start from zero as they did. So they try to give the best possible life for their Children. This is a natural Notion as they know the Hurdles and Barriers that their Offspring might face.

But parents often forget that it’s not the Luxuries that an Adolescent should have. But it’s about the Good Character they must have. Good character is the key to a Satisfied and Jocular Life. Constructing a Good character is important for the future of the child. It’s not the Material Wealth that will decide the Future of your Junior but the Values you give them will decide it.


According to Lord Vishnu Erecting a Principled Character is much more important than just a Capitalistic Future. Qualities like Loyalty, Humility, Honesty, Fairness, Respectfulness and Responsibility will decide the Future of your Neonate. Yes, Tangible assets also play an important role but they can be also earned by your Scion. Give your kid the understanding of Intangible Assets like Social Manners and Behavior towards others. As it gradually decides the Maturity and Mellow of your kid.

If parents develop the Disposition of their child it will prove much more Effective than just giving them Grandeur. Understand that comfort or happiness and well – being or safety of the child, are secured through his Behavior and Karma. So developing the Personality and Disposition of a child should be of Prime Importance to all Parents.

Lesson: Don’t try to fill your Children’s future with Fortunes, Riches, or Resources. Teach them Humility, Kindness, Politeness, Generosity, Intuitiveness, and Empathy. They will stand out from the rest of Rabble. Also, secure your child’s future and establish a strong Pedestal for the rest of their Life.

Values matter Possessions don’t.

Lord Vishnu

5 Teachings of Lord Vishnu that everyone of us can implement in our lives.

Spreading motivational vibes 😉

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