Ravana a unique blend of intelligence and stupidity.

“It’s our Greed to Extract more and more from the Good, that Turns it into Devil”

~Lord Shiva


We all know Ravana from the epic Ramayana. He was the main reason for happening of The Ramayana. Ravana was the King of Lanka. He abducted Sita, Lord Rama’s wife and took her to Lanka, declaring war against Lord Rama. Many of us know Ravana for his evil deeds, but Ravana also had traits of morality and rectitude.

LEAVING aside the Fact that Ravana kidnapped Sita. He had qualities that if a person acquires, he/she will surely make a mark in this universe. Let me tell you some stuff about Ravana that you probably don’t know. As rarely any light is cast on this knowledge and taught to us in Life.

Characteristics – Ravana

  • Devotion:
  • Ravana was the most Devoted Fanatic of Lord Brahma. He Sacrificed his 10 heads to impress Lord Brahma.
  • At the end of 9th head Lord Brahma appeared and stopped Ravana. He asked Lord Brahma for IMMORTALITY but Lord Brahma refused. But gave him Boon of INVINCIBILITY
  • He had received a Chandrahans (crescent shaped sword) from Lord Shiva as a gift for his Strict Penance.
  • Ravana had also received a Boon from Goddess Parvati that, no one will be able to kill him without her Permission.

What we can learn from Ravana is that, he performed every activity with Full Devotion without expecting Returns. In turn he received Returns due to his Full Adherence and Constancy. Yes Ravana did Wrong Deeds, but he used to perform his Penance with Full Fidelity without contemplating Accolades. If you do a Action and anticipate Returns from it, you will not be able to perform with Full Devotion. That’s a Rule of Nature. Acknowledge that:

  • When you Await Returns from your Actions, you are putting a Limit on your Focus and Absorption.
  • Instead be like Ravana and do every Movement with Loyalty and Faithfulness and you will Receive more than you anticipated.
  • In this world MANY people are Living just for the Sake of Living, without purpose or a reason. Devotion towards something gives your Life a Purpose and also a Reason to Live Better than Others.

What we Don’t Know about Ravana?

  • Knowledge/Cognizance
  • Ravana was a Scholar of Political Science and Ayurveda.
  • Possessed thorough Proficiency on Four Vedas and Six Shastras.
  • Expert Veena (Instrument) player. Invented a musical instrument called Ravanahatha.
  • Ravana was a Pundit in Astrology.
  • Wrote a book called Ravana Samhita containing Wisdom on:
    • Astrology
    • Yoga
    • Various Tantra Mantras
    • Ayurveda
    • Medicine
    • Details on How to Worship Lord Shiva.

Ravana was All-Knowing guy. He had command on various types of Arts. His Education and Knowledge made him Herculean and Quick-Witted. Lord Rama himself called Ravana a “Maha-Brahman” which means having Outstanding Education. His Excellent Knowledge made it hard for Lord Rama to kill him. By this Grasp that Quality Education and Understanding of various Arts are the Foundation or Base of our Lives. Perceive that:

  • Acquiring Knowledge and Constant Learning make you Ripen and Mellow. That’s important to lead a Satisfying Life.
  • Knowledge can deliver you with Commendation and Eulogize from your Loved Ones and The Society.
  •  Even Lord Rama had to take Permission from The Gods before killing Ravana. That is because of his Capability and Potential which he received from his Education.

Qualities We should Perceive:

  • Qualities of Great King.
  • Leadership Know-How.
  • Ravana was an Elite Warrior.
  • Only He had the Expertise in Politics in Whole World

Ravana had almost all the Qualities of a Great King. He was known for his Leadership Skills and ability to Influence People. Ravana was the King of Trilok (Trilokadhipathi). He was accorded with Weapons and Boons by Gods themselves. Therefore, he was an Elite Warrior. He was a Specialist in Politics. After the War was over. Lord Rama ordered Lakshmana to learn Politics from Ravana himself as he lay wounded on the Battlefield. Figure Out that:

  • If you want to become a Master in any field then you have to acquire these Skills and become Proficient in them.
  • A person doesn’t have the Traits of a King in born; he/she has to acquire them over the period. This is a Tough Thing that many people Fail to Achieve
  • Ravana had Well Known assistants in his Court like Shukracharya (The Demon Mentor), because of which he was able to conquer all. So ultimately Good Company is an important factor in one’s life to achieve anything.
  • A Good Company generates Noble Elements in the Nature of a Wicked, but a Bad or a Wicked Company cannot generate Wickedness in Noble Person.

Everyone should Know This!

  • Morals and Ethics
  • Ravana was Always willing to Compete
  • He Learnt from the Experts.
  • Ravana had a Clear Vision of what he wants to Rule his Kingdom and Conquer others etc.
  • He Knew his Persona, his Nature and Temperament and acted accordingly.

Ravana followed a Code of Conduct that he made pinpointing his Personality and Mettle. He was always willing to Compete with other Kings. He was always Hungry to prove himself, to defeat every King and conquer. That’s why he was King of all Three Worlds (LOKs). Ravana acquired his knowledge, education and skills from the experts. That’s the Reason he being an Elite Warrior. When you learn from an expert, you learn everything from that particular subject very Deeply and Skillfully. Know your Nature and make a Code of Conduct like Ravana. That will surely take you to Great Heights in Life.

  • Be willing to Compete. Without competition you cannot measure your Performance and improve yourself.
  • Have a Lucid Goal in Life.
  •  Make a Code of Conduct for Life which will help you Control your Senses in Times.


Unfortunately Ravana was also Inadequate, and had some Substandard Qualities like every Mortal has.

  • Ego Kills:

Ravana was a very Egoistic person.

His Ego escalated when he Received various Boons from Gods.

He asked for Invincibility to Lord Brahma from Gods, Spirits, Demons (Rakshasas), Serpents and Wild Beasts. But he didn’t mention Human because of his Ego he Thought that he can defeat a Mere Human easily. This led to his Downfall.

His Ego came between his Relations. He Banished Vibhishana (Ravana’s Brother) after he Adviced him to return Sita respectfully to Lord Rama.

Ravana got Overconfident because of his Abilities , and his Overconfidence turned into Ego. As he performed Sin after Sin it was not very long before Lord Rama had to kill him.

  • Ego is the number one factor that leads to downfall of a Successful Human.
  • Try to be Humble towards others.
  • Practice Empathy and be Generous.

What Not to Do!

  • Bad Karma:

Ravana did lot of Dreadful things in life.

He insulted many people for their Incapabilities. He was Lustful, and Assaulted many women. Ravana took advantage of his Boons given to him by Gods and performed many wrong Deeds. It’s hard to Frame his Wrong Deeds in one Blog. His Sins increased as he Grew Powerful and Supreme day by day. Ravana was Cursed by many Mortals, increasing his Bad Karma which consequently resulted in his death. So the teaching here is that:

  • Don’t wish Bad for Other People. It results in addition to your Bad Karma.
  • Always be Compassionate towards others.
  • Be Good to Others for No Reason
  • Do Righteous Deeds and Multiply your Good Karma

It’s better to be Remembered by the Good You did,

Than to be Remembered by what you Achieved”

Spreading Motivational Vibes 😉

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  1. Good Article… I hv read many times about Ravana… but ur attitude towards Ravana is amazing… Keep writing…

  2. Dr Mangesh Balkrishna Shirke

    Great going dear..and the command ..knowledge and ..way you have presented is..awsome. keep reading and writing…


    Dear Shivam, great compilation. Too nicely analysed, reviewed and presented. Especialy, photos put in the write up are very much apealing. Keep it up. There are always lot of learning points from our Hindu epics. Best wishes for your future.

  4. Dear Shivam while reading above facts regarding Ravan you have presented and touched all aspects of the personality of Ravan. The way you described the morals and ethics and what, we have to take from those is really admirable. Overall the blog is stupendous. Awaited for next topic on blog. Best of luck 🙂👍..

  5. Dear Shivam while reading above facts regarding Ravan you have presented and touched all aspects of the personality of Ravan. The way you described the morals and ethics and what, we have to take from those is really admirable. Overall the blog is stupendous. Awaiting for next topic on blog. 🙂👍Best of luck

  6. Nicely explained narratives about dark side of human _ The Ravana .
    I liked the pictures in between, recalld my memories of reading the Chandoba_ a monthly magazine of our childhood.
    Much appreciated dear,only one minor suggestion _ avoid frequent bold letters_ this destracts flow of reading.

  7. Aniruddha Sawargaonkar

    Wonderfully compiled. Very asthetically presented. Images are very catchy and made this blog very interactive. One of the memorable blog I ever read. Looking for some more…….keep it up…dear!

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