Life lessons from Mahabharata heroes.

“Meet this transient world with neither grasping nor fear, trust the unfolding of life, and you will attain true serenity.”


Mahabharata is the greatest epic that India ever witnessed. However, most people know about Mahabharata, but I feel that very few understand it. I think Mahabharata is a concatenation of lessons wrapped up as a guide to humanity, if we understand it deeply.


  • Attributes of Orchestration and Leadership
  • Ability to do no wrong and never lie.
  • Deep proficiency of Justice and Ethics.

Born as a son of God of Death (Yamraj), Yudhishtir was born with the traits of Leader. He had abilities to do no wrong and tell no lies. Yudhishtir had profound cognizance of Righteousness and Morals of life. He was the Unsullied and Pious of them all. But because Yudhishtir always stood by DHARMA, he had to face some of the darkest moments of his life. He lost his brothers and wife in a Gambling (Dyut) game against Duryodhan. He had to face 13 years of Exile with wife Draupadi and brothers.

The things to learn from him are:

  • Always stand by the side of Dharma in life. But when the times come to face extreme moments, choose the side which saves you and your loved ones first. Even if you to do wrong in society.
  • Secondly, always have a deep understanding of what you are doing. Don’t do something just because people are telling you to do. Evaluate everything you do in life.


  • Born with superhuman robustness and endurance
  • Destroyer of enemies and Protector of King and his brothers.

Son of God of Wind (Pawan Dev) was believed to have strength of 10,000 elephants. Lord Indra themselves were not able to defeat him one on one. Bhima single handedly killed all the 100 Kaurav Brothers. He was the life support of The Pandavas in Mahabharata.

The things which we can take away from Bhima are that:

  • Always be the support system of your family.
  • In tough times support your loved ones with everything you have got. However small your contribution you can do, do it. Since they are the only ones who will support in your dark times.


  • Ability to focus better.
  • Learn faster than any human being.
  • An Atimaharathi = 12 Maharathi

Born as Son to God of Storms (Indra), Arjuna was preordained to become World’s Greatest Combatant. Gandiva (Bow) given to Arjuna by Lord Agni (Fire) was considered to be one of the lethal weapons of Mahabharat. Arjuna was a lifelong companion of Narayan. It was Arjuna who assassinated warriors like Bhishma Pitahma and Karna. Dronacharya had trained him so well that he could even fight even in the absence of daylight. Krishna’s and Arjuna’s bond is the most commemorated bond in Hindu Mythology.

The things which we can learn from Arjun are:

  • Train yourself up to a point where Success is Guaranteed. Success can be
  • Become the Supreme in whichever field you choose.
  • Constantly strive to improve yourself as out there someone is working harder then you.

Nakul & Sahdev:

  • Nakul and Sahdev were known for their Allure, Intelligence, Shrewdness and Astrology.
  • Both were trained Swordsmen and had attained Forbearance.

Nakul and Sahdev were sons of God of Medicine (Ashwini Kumar). They were a Great Boon for The Pandavas as they had ability to heal people. Nakul and Sahdev were the Base and were the Lifeline of their three elder brothers. Nakul eliminated 3 sons of Karna in Mahabharat and Sahdev defeated 40 brothers of Duryodhan. During the rule of Yudhishtir in Indraprasth, Nakul and Sahdev won most of the kingdoms for King Yudhishtir.

The things which we can learn from Nakul and Sahdev are:

  • Try to attain Forbearance and Liberalism, change your Ethos and mold it to excellence.
  • Be Dependable for your Family and loved ones, be the pedestal for them.
  • Don’t try to put Limits to your Knowledge, have knowledge of every disc

Bhishma Pitahma:

  • Practiced Celibacy throughout the life.
  • Pillar of win for Kauravas
  • Known for Stupendous amount of Cognizance
  • Was a Prodigy in war and eliminated massive number of men everyday.
  • Had Noteworthy leadership skills.

Bhishma Pitahma was Greatest Warrior of Kuru Kingdom. He was the son of Goddess Ganga. He was supposed to be the King of Kuru Kingdom. But due to unforeseen circumstances, he Swore to be the Protector of Kuru Kingdom Throne. He had blessing of his father that, he could choose Time of his Death or may remain Immortal until he desires. Bhishma was forced to fight from The Kauravas because of his Oath to protect the Kuru Throne. He had knowledge of every aspect of life. During the war Bhishma was believed to kill 10,000 soldiers a day.

The things we can learn from him are:

  • When competent person sacrifices his Potential and Dynamism for the benefit for Society. Neither the society benefits from those sacrifices nor the person.
  • Don’t get too much attached to anyone. Change is a work in progress. Ultimately you have to support yourself in Arduous situations.
  • Practice Forgiveness, it leads to Placidity.


  • Karna was compared to Arjuna for being one of the Extraordinary Combatant in the world.
  • Lord Surya gave an impenetrable armor to Karna.
  • Also known for his friendship with Duryodhan.

Karna was the son of Suryadev (Lord Sun). But due to unanticipated occurrences he was adopted by a couple of low caste. Karna was deprived of Respect and Quality Education being from lower caste. Generosity was one of his core trait. Karna was the eldest brother of The Pandavas and possessed all qualities of them. But he sided with The Kauravas, as he was abandoned by his mother Kunti after his birth. So due to Hatred for The Pandavas and a Hunger to prove himself he decided to fight for The Kauravas.

Things to learn from him:

  • Be Generous and Donate as much as you can. It helps to boost your Good Karma.
  • Don’t put everything on the line for friendship. If it’s hurting your close ones, stop putting at all.
  • Be an individual with morals and principles. Don’t get mixed up in the rat race.


  • Draupadi was the Iconic Queen of The Pandavas.
  • Known for her quality of speaking for herself, and her fearlessness.
  • Draupadi with her Wit challenged the Conventional Patriarchy System.

Draupadi was the daughter of God of Fire (Agnidev). Arjuna won Draupadi in a Swayamvar, but due to certain mistakes by Kunti, she ended up marrying all Pandavas. Her core trait was her gutsiness. The main cause for Mahabharata was Drauapdi’s Vastraharan. Draupadi had many attributes of a desirable woman and a wife. She was able to strike a balance between Submissiveness and Obstinateness. Draupadi and Krishna shared a bond of Friendship. She used to take advice from Krishna on Dharma, Right & Wrong, Good & Bad. She also had a great devotion towards Krishna like Arjuna.

The things to learn from her are:

  • Speak your mind out whenever possible. Never suffer in silence.
  • Be Serene. She was able to bring down an empire by being Patient and Serene.
  • Use your words wisely. Sometimes they can act as a sword.
  • Believe in yourself.


  • Krishna had the most important role in Mahabharata. He was the King of Yadavas and a Mentor to The Pandavas.
  • Krishna was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu but still swore not to use weapon himself in war.
  • He was a master Orator. His skill was confusing his opponent using tricks and tactics.
  • Krishna was a Sorcerer. It was believed that whoever’s side Krishna is on is going to Win the war.

Krishna was son of Devaki and Vasudev. He was Lord Vishnu in Human form. Indeed in Mahabharata, Krishna tricked Duryodhan and gave him his army while he sided with The Pandavas. Krishna was believed to be Dharma himself. Additionally when Maharathis like Bhishma Pitahma, Dronacharya, Karna were on the side of Kauravas. Krishna chose to side with The Pandvas and won them the war. Arjuna was a Great Devotee of him. Krishna is a combination of Prem (Love), Dharma, Niti (Strategy), Parakram (Prowess). His teachings are Simple, Universal and Relevant even today.

Things to learn from him:

  • Every person has a Universe within
  • Be your own Savior.
  • Do what you have to do, your Karma, the rest will follow.
  • Pick up your Bow and Conquer the World.


Every character in Mahabharata has some Significance and Qualities we can learn. I just presented a glimpse of the characters in front of you. I have tried to disclose the the lessons I learnt from The Mahabharata. The Greatest epic of all time. Hope it adds some value to your life.

Spreading Motivational Vibes 😉

Shivam Deshpande.

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