Using Peaky Blinders to learn the tactics of real life.

“Good taste is for the people who can’t afford Sapphires”

~Thomas Shelby

Peaky Blinders👇


Now the reasons:

1: Thomas Shelby OBE: He is the middle brother of the Peaky Blinders Family and an Omniscient Man. Tommy has certain qualities that if an individual implements in his/her life. They will stand out among others and mold the world according to their way.

  • His ability to remain calm under extreme situations.
  • He gives both rewards and punishments for work ( Carrot & Stick ).
  • His ability to turn scrap into assets.

Tommy is Mind behind the success of Peaky Blinders.

  • Tommy’s quality of being Calm under Pressure ultimately helps him to outsmart anyone. He is rarely terror – stricken. His calm and stable demeanor is extremely aggravating to his foes. So the peace is base or foundation  of his personality.  Tommy is not born cool as cucumber. He has developed a sense of tranquility by repeated disclosure to life threatening situations.
  • Like in this situation, in the previous scene Tommy is smoking a cigarette.

“When overwhelmed you can become traumatized but maintain a total cool in panic situations with help destructive coping mechanisms”

  • Tommy knows best how to turn best of bad situations. In Season 4 Tommy is losing the war with The Italians. His brother Arthur Shelby is attacked by The Italians, but he makes it alive. Tommy after that situation doesn’t just focus on bright side i.e his brother is alive. But spreads misinformation that Arthur is dead which buys him some time to plan his next step. So indirectly by creating a distraction Tommy wins the war against The Italians.

“When you are in a bad situation: Ask yourself How can the thing that I least want become valuable towards another goal?”


Action: All the seasons are power packed with suspense and have a superior quality of action. The Vintage Cars, Guns,Ammunition, Cigars, Bullets add to the curiosity of audience. The series has good amount of violence but it’s thrilling to watch. It arouses our adrenaline and gives us goose bumps. Tommy and his Gang know how to win a War. They are tough and fight with everything they have got. The slow motion Gun – Shots and Fighting scenes keeps the audience prying.


Romance: The romance in series is worth watching. Everyone can learn from Tommy’s relationship with Grace. Tommy is also a sensitive and soft hearted from inside. Tommy and Grace have Deep and Enduring emotions for each other. But due to dark side of Tommy’s business Grace is shot and killed. After the death of Grace, Tommy is not able to love any woman in his life. But seeing their relation unfold gives the audience immense pleasure.

  • Success: The 3 brothers Arthur, Tommy, John and Aunt Polly are able to conquer half of the Britain. Tommy’s main aim is to take control of London. Peaky Blinders own a Automobile Factory and have international relations. They have started foreign trade and also invested in stock market. At a point in the series Peaky Blinders are earning millions of Pounds everyday. They are considered one of the wealthiest and powerful families of Britain. The brothers that were not even once known to anyone existed, whom were traumatised by War. Now own half of Britain and get direct orders from Winston Churchill.

What audience wants?

  • Suspense: At the end of every episode suspense is zenith. Audience gets to edge of seat in every episode. Thrill is maintained till the series finale. Tommy is one of the most secretive and thrilling character in the series who ultimately normalizes everything back. Every season is choke – full with suspense. You never get bored of any episode or season and contrastingly your curiosity surges high. Audience is not able to predict anything. Every episode takes a new twist. Series finale or conclusion of every season is Gratified.
  • The Bottom Line is show is worth someone’s time. A full proof package of Romance, Suspense, Action and Thrill. There are a lot of things to take away from the show to enact in and individual’s life. Things like personalities in show, behavior of characters, thinking like Tommy, mindset of family members and lastly Love.

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